Hardware Omnivorous : Why it's important to be independant

This year, more than ever, our customers face growing technology challenges and pressures.  From maximizing resources with shrinking budgets to keeping up with emerging technologies. The strategy and technology consultants at Target3D stay up-to-date to help our clients tackle these demands.Here at Target3D we can provide innovative 3D solutions and consulting services to solve a wide range of
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HRH The Duke of Cambridge trials Target3D Mocap system at the launch of PROTO

It was an absolute honour and great experience for Target3D to showcase Motion Capture to HRH the Duke of Cambridge last Friday at the Launch of PROTO: The Immersive technology Centre.Robert Jeffries and Petros De Doncker presented a Prime 17W optical tracking system by OptiTrack and showcased it ability to track full human body movement and control an avatar within a Unreal scene in real-time.  In
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How do we use 3D tracking motion capture technology in Robotics?

The proliferation of drones has opened the public’s imagination and appreciation of robotics in all forms. The dissemination and affordability of robotics devices promises to change our everyday experience as people. Exo-skeletons, robotic assistants, robotic chefs, cleaners, friends and in some cases robotic lovers are the sensational focus of media reports and Hollywood blockbusters.Unless you
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What are the different types of motion capture?

In this article we will take a brief but comprehensive look at each type of tracking technology that Target3D utilise across verticals and projects. These include (but are not limited to) Optical, Inertial, Magnetic and Markerless. Within each of these technology categories are numerous manufacturers but we'll be focusing on what makes each approach unique and where they might best fit.1. OpticalOptical
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What is Mocap?

Motion capture (mocap) is the process of recording the movements of real people, animals or object paths and analysing that data or mapping the movements onto a CG character so the digital character moves just like the real actor.The very early stages of this technique were called rotoscoping, this involved taking the performances of actors in a live action set and basically tracing over their movements
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DOTDOT.London prove the concept of location-based VR with an immersive theatre twist

VR is a devisive topic right now, leaving people to decide between joining the 'VR is the future' camp and the 'VR is a fad' crew. Although I am personally more excited about the potential that AR / MR has for changing the world, I would still whole-heartedly put myself in the first camp, VR IS the future. We can already see VR having an impact across a wide range of verticals from hazardous training
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Who Are Target3D? Now in London!

Target3D specialise in the integration of cutting-edge tracking technologies.We work across all industries - providing tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, hologram creation, movement sciences, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback. With over 15 years' expertise in the field, we will provide you with the suitable training, support and the products you need
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