VR and motion capture can be used for a variety of different training and simulation purposes, in all industries.

Through simulating real-life scenarios in which you can consistently repeat scenarios with the exact same conditions, and walk through procedures at your own pace, are invaluable to many organisations, not least in industries like medicine and defence, where the risks involved can literally be the difference between life and death.

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By using virtual reality development platforms for training and simulation purposes,  you can create highly interactive, real-time teaching applications with very minimal scripting. The use of VR equipment can give you controllable, repeatable scenarios as well as  instant feedback, giving you will a powerful new teaching tool.

In medicine, for instance, everything from complex surgeries, patient care experience and actual psychological treatment can all be delivered via the use of VR, all without the typical inherent risks involved.


  • Perform high risk tasks in realistic settings, but with zero risk.

  • Have the ability to consistently perform the same procedure with the same conditions, with the exact same conditions over and over again.

  • Utilise virtual reality exposure therapy (in combination with biofeedback) to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions (phobias, substance addiction, skills development, PTSD, anxiety disorders and more).

  • Before construction even begins, present building design plans to doctors, nurses and staff and obtain valuable feedback.