VR Ready PCs


HMD compatibility
Choose your preferred VR head-mounted display
(HMD) like the HTC Vive BE or the HP Windows
Mixed Reality Headset.

First professional
wearable VR PC
Compact PC fits into a lightweight backpack at
only 10 lbs / 4.6 kgs4 and designed to pass MILSTD 810G tests.*

HP Z VR Backpack Harness
The harness is made of durable, easy-fitting mesh
designed to keep you comfortable.

XMG Walker

In applications which require lots of movement and
turning around a vertical axis, movement is no
longer inhibited.

The XMG WALKER is not just a laptop in a
backpack, it‘s a fully mobile performance VR

What is the HP Z VR Backpack?

The HP Z VR Backpack is a versatile professional VR Ready wearable PC solution from HP. It includes the VR PC unit, a wearable ergonomic harness, a battery system located on the harness, and a docking station for desktop use.


What modes does the HP Z VR Backpack work in?

The HP Z VR Backpack can be used in two ways:

  • As a wearable backpack to facilitate truly immersive VR experiences without being limited by a cable to a deskside PC.

  • As a powerful desktop workstation simply by removing the PC from the harness and docking it into the included desktop docking station solution.


What are the Tech Specs:

7th Gen Intel® CoreTM i71, chipset, and Intel® 8260 Wi-Fi all with vProTM for system manageability and administration.

New top of line NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200 with 16 GB of video memory.

Hardware based TPM 2.0 to support the latest security features and architecture in Windows 10 Pro and other security solutions.

Commercial grade system BIOS with PXE Boot, Wake On LAN, asset tagging, and other enterprise features.

Compatibility with HP’s IT Administrator software management tools.

Compatibility with HP’s Client Security Suite of tools.

HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS)2 compatible and available at no charge on all HP Workstations.

HP Performance Advisor system pro ler and performance monitor found on all HP Workstation products.

16 GB (2 x 8 GB SODIMM) or 32 GB (2 x 16 GB SODIMM) DDR4

Dual hot swap 74 Whr external batteries

HP Z VR Dock support for dual 4K monitors

RJ45 LAN port available for wired LAN support via the HP Z VR Dock • HP Z VR harness with integrated HMD secure parking clip

Battery charge level indicator LEDs on the external batteries

Battery charge level indicator LED bar on the HP Z VR Backpack PC • Intel® vProTM support

12 V HMD power port on the HP Z VR Backpack PC

Bluetooth support via the Intel® Wi-Fi module

High performance dual 74 Whr batteries

Battery charging cradle that can charge two 74 Whr batteries simultaneously

Custom length cable designed for HTC Vive VR HMD use with the HP Z VR Backpack

Transform the HP Z VR PC Backpack to a VR PC desktop with the use of the HP Z VR Dock

A 330W Smart AC adapter for the Dock and PC

A 180W Smart AC adapter for the charging cradle


Features 5 additional USB 3.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, an additional HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPortTM 1.3 ports, a RJ45 LAN port, a Kensington lock slot, and a DC-IN and DC-Out ports. The Dock also provides a PC charge indicator LED and a PC Eject button.


When would I choose an HP Z VR Backpack?


The prime focus for the HP Z VR Backpack is to enable development, application, and deployment of business VR assets to create experiences that require freedom of motion with no tethered cabling restrictions. This allows safe interaction with the experience and opens the door to effective collaboration, design verification, training, and product retail experiences.