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Optical 3D motion tracking provides the most accurate and in-depth analysis of movement for athletes of all sports and skill levels.

By fixing small reflective markers at key joints and segments of the athlete, cameras detect their location in 3D space and use that data to create an avatar for the athlete based on their unique size and measurements. Every movement is recorded at 360 frames per second…from every single angle.
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By using a portable Optitrack system, for example,  you can just about anywhere capture various skills in a game-like setting.  This has an enormous impact on the results as it generates the truest mechanics of the athlete when they are on the court or in the field.

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Target3D_Golf Shot


  • The human eye has a “capture rate” of approximately 60 frames per second from one viewpoint. 3D motion capture measures at 360 frames per second, sees the athlete from every angle, measures the movement of every joint and segment, and see the forces the athlete puts into the ground.

  • You can compare mechanics to athletes in their age group as well as the top athletes.

  • Beyond just full 3D visualization, mocap generates measures of key movement metrics, revealing crucial information about the athlete’s coordination, power, and how they are transferring energy through their body to execute a skill. 


We all know that no two athletes are the same.  With variations in anthropometry, coordination, and strength to name a few, we can expect to see differences in some of the mechanics that still allow different players to produce a comparable outcome.  Having said that, what Optitrack’s C-Motion system has developed a biomechanical model of movement for various skills.  Taking into account the unique features of each athlete, they have found that the most successful athletes use the same underlying coordinative pattern and energy transfer methodology to create the best and most consistent skill execution.  

You can’t see this with the naked eye, and it is the true value of 3D motion capture technology.

Elite athletes have an extraordinary ability to execute a skill with a high consistency.  Their body’s ability to compensate and create alternative movement patterns to achieve the desired outcome is exceptional.   Consequently, we mostly focus on the result, and as success increases, attention to the intricate movement patterns responsible for that outcome decreases.

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