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Studio Work

The inside of a virtual production & motion capture studio

A place where mocap service work is the speciality and where we work seamlessly with you from concept to delivery. Starting from an affordable one-day shoot to full production hire, we manage characters, rigging, capture and clean up for you - with fast turnaround data when you need it. Whether you choose to shoot in Studio T3D in Tower Hamlets or enlist us to install a pop-up 'studio' on location, we promise a complete performance capture solution.

We have two volumes with a trackable area of 12m x12m and 10m x 10m, studios allowing capture of up to ten performers including full body, finger and facial expression capture and fight sequencing. We use HD witness cams plus floating or on-body reference microphones and full body markers whilst pre-viz, post-viz, data cleaning, re-targeting and post-animation are all taken care of.  


We deliver the data you need, be it raw, cleaned or retargeted, in a range of industry-standard formats at your chosen frame rate (max 360fps). In addition, we provide audio and video witness cam reference and full synchronisation of the takes for performance capture. 

Clients are welcome to bring their own crew, creativity and performers, or to rely on us for the full workflow. Partnering with the best in the industry, we create compelling content for you including 360 live-action filming, photogrammetry, 4D videogrammetry stages, animation and
asset & environment building. Our pool of mocap-trained performers and producers are on standby to bring your production to life. 

For more information, booking availability or any questions you may have please use the contact form below.


Performance capture gives filmmakers, game developers, and other creatives the opportunity to bring an actor’s full range of skills to a digital character. While motion capture has been around for a long time, historically it was used only to capture the broader motions of the body. Now these systems are sensitive enough to capture subtle details in the face and fingers, effectively capturing the actor’s entire performance. 

Studio T3D hosts cutting-edge performance capture technology:

- 42 camera OptiTrack tracking system for sub-mm capture.
- Data gloves from various manufacturers. 
- DynamiXyz Face Capture & Depth sensor solutions.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 191548.png


At Target3D, directors and production crew work on our mocap and virtual production stages, while viewing the virtual environment and characters in real-time.  Our capabilities allow remote connection with performers, creatives or directors elsewhere in the world and the Target3D experts use their experience and know-how to seamlessly guide you through each stage of your virtual production.

Studio T3D hosts cutting-edge pre-viz technology:
- Inertial, Optical, Magnetic & Markerless tracking systems.

- Real-time pipelines using Autodesk, Epic, Unity and Reallusion.

- iPhone and full HMC solutions for face expression and lip sync.

- Reference audio and video from witness cams and shotgun mics.


Most major films and TV series created today already use some form of virtual production, be it previsualization,  techvis or postvis.

Every single shot in the film is straight out of Unreal Engine. There’s no compositing or external post apart from a few text overlays and color correction done on Resolve.

Studio T3D hosts cutting-edge virtual production technology:

- OptiTrack virtual camera tracking system for sub-mm real-time camera tracking.
- Vanishing Point for real-time UE4 compositing toolkit with lens encoding.
- Stype Follower, the object and people tracking system that enables physical interaction with graphics, making virtual objects behave as though they are real.

Studio dosage logo 3.PNG

Ben Dosage,

"I was really happy working with Petros and the Target3D team again, and coming up with a solution for facial mocap.  With Target3D we worked out a way to create some high quality mocap with a reasonably unique workflow that means that I can make use of facial mocap in a more affordable way."

headset 1.png

Aela Callan,

"Target3D are a dream-team. From the minute we started talking through our concept with them, they understood that we were aiming for a high quality product on an ambitious timeline.

Their exacting standards, passion for what they do and good humour make them a pleasure to work with."

Tom Andrew 1.jpg

Tom Andrew
Film Maker & Photographer

“Working with Target3D is always a brilliant process. They have so many bits of kit and it’s great that they’re up for experimenting with it & producing things more on the unconventional side. I’ll develop an idea after spending time at Target3D, then they'll formulate a plan of how to achieve the concept."

reality check.jpg

Pip & Tom,

"Working with Target3D has been transformative for our product development. Not only were they able to provide the facilities to test our proof-of-concept, but their in-house team of mocap experts supported our software build and their expertise enabled us to refine our model. We're hoping to work closely with Target3D in the future."

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