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#FlyingRobotsLab by Tecnalia: OptiTrack Installation from Target3D Iberia

Updated: Feb 16

Together with Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Target3D Iberia has traveled to Aduna in Guipúzcoa, Spain, where it has delivered a complete turnkey UAV Tracking solution for the installation of Flying Robots Lab.

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The Tecnalia tracking volume
The volume

This space will allow validation of drones in a safe environment for adverse weather conditions using programmable fans that can simulate wind flows.

This innovative system makes flight tests with drones and UAVs possible, allowing precise positioning of aircraft indoors and in the absence of satellite positioning.

Target3D Iberia's tablet camera tracker

The installation required the Target3D Iberia team to cover an area of 400 square metres and a height of 10 metres, to allow room for various UAVs. This was achieved by installing a truss around the tracking volume, with the cameras remotely controllable via a tablet. This aspect of the project was crucial to ensure researchers can work efficiently in a highly controlled environment.

The final installation consists of 24 OptiTrack PrimeX 22 and 6 PrimeX 13 cameras.



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