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Somnai - Virtual Reality | Immersive Theatre

Updated: Feb 19

Target3D make it come alive: the lucid dreamworld of SOMNAI

The success of multi-person VR, as demonstrated by The Void and immersive theatre companies like Punchdrunk & Secret Cinema, led production company dotdotdot to find out what happens when you combine the two. In 2018, the acclaimed SOMNAI was born. As they announce their next immersive VR experience, Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds, Target3D detail how they recently assisted DotDotDot with the creation of SOMNAI.

The issue: DotDotDot needed to understand how the latest in tracking technologies could be leveraged to deliver an immersive tech and theatre experience.  A genre-defying immersive tech and theatre experience, SOMNAI combines virtual reality with a jaw-dropping set design and unnerving actors to form a completely unique production company.

In 2018, DotDotDot came to Target3D for help in understanding how the latest in tracking technologies could be leveraged to deliver this ground-breaking project. We were honoured to be involved from the very top of the project; consulting on the layout of the experience, the VR elements, the show and designing the structure of the big tracking system. As expected with something so cutting edge, there were challenges, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with some ‘out of the box’ thinking.

The solution: Target3D sold, designed, installed, set up and trained the team on the tech, which was a 40-camera OptiTrack system, XMG backpacks and CV1 head mounted displays. The incredible end result was a six person LBVR ‘lucid dreamworld’ walk through experience utilising real world objects for tactile input – as well as tracked props that the actors can move through the virtual scene.

There's no way that we could have ever done this without their [Target3D] help… to keep this thing alive and make it come alive.

- Carl Guyenette, Head Creative Technologist

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