Sports: Can mocap, wearables and VR help..?

Updated: Feb 10

Stay On Target: The Technology in Sports series

A Leaders in Sport feature, brought to you by Target3D, the Home of Motion Capture


Target3D co-founder, Ashley Keeler, kicks off our new series with an introduction to three ways that technology is changing sport. Will his intro to motion capture, wearables and virtual reality help you reach the perfect swing, throw or kick?

“I can’t argue against the most valuable asset in sports being the player, but sports science plays an increasingly vital role in that player’s success. By integrating the latest tech into sports science we can now track almost every aspect of the sport - and the players - with greater precision than ever before.

When Allan Rankin and I set up Target3D, it was all about movement. And today, quite simply, we specialise in movement. From analysing human motion to synchronising drone tracking or helping machines learn how to build things. Motion capture (mocap) tracking technologies are everywhere - our locations, movements, even heart rate data is now accessible and that’s allowing for some pretty revolutionary technological innovations. Crucially, the data produced is evidence-based.”

“3D motion capture is used by biomechanists, sports scientists, personal trainers and doctors across the world.”

In particular, Sports 3DMA by STT Systems includes running, cycling and golf swing protocols, as well as a full body analysis toolkit that analyses the entire body from head to toe with a single capture. The data is then used to explain for example which movements are efficient, identifying weaknesses and highlighting moves that could put a player at risk of injury.

For coaching, using precise and reliable mocap data is a player-centric approach to gain insight on a player’s synergistic movement.