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Target3D Collaborates on New Shadow Warrior 3 Launch Trailer

Updated: Feb 16

Target3D collaborated with TrailerFarm recently, helping their team to bring the big, bold and blood-soaked Shadow Warrior 3 launch trailer to life for the Devolver Digital games franchise.

This fourth-wall smashing script from Devolver was created by The TrailerFarm cinematics team, with support from Target3D, who had an absolute blast crafting this amazingly choreographed masterpiece using in-engine assets. From brutal violence and slick action to shocked bunny reaction shots, this trailer has it all. It’s messy, it’s hilarious and it’s undoubtedly Shadow Warrior.

The TrailerFarm said, "We love working on Devolver Digital games, and our latest effort saw us bring the big, bold and blood-soaked Shadow Warrior 3 trailer to the world.

The franchise’s dedicated fanbase rightly have high anticipation and huge expectations from the next outing of anti-hero Lo Wang, so it was time for our team to work that TrailerFarm magic."

Target3D specialise in using motion capture and virtual production to bring animations to life. Contact us today.



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