Manus Prime II Haptic gloves

Manus Prime II Haptic gloves

Prime II Haptic - cutting-edge haptic feedback technologies
The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves are next-gen in cutting-edge haptic feedback technology. The sense of physical touch is not easily replicated, with the Prime II Haptic, precision is paramount to deliver intuitive and natural interactions with low latency between the user and virtual hands.

Powerful Sensory Presence in VR
Prime II Haptic significantly reduces cost and time for teams collaborating on VR projects in motion capture, robotics, prototyping, educational VR, virtual training, and more–or take gaming experiences to a whole new level of play for VR Arcade games.Whether you are holding digital objects, feeling textures, pushing buttons or pulling handles inside virtual experiences, the gloves provide a snug and comfortable fit to ensure delicate vibrations are felt across hands and fingers, with the hyper-fine feedback loop from motor control to haptics providing a powerful presence in VR.

Programmable Feedback
The haptic feedback is achieved by assigning a programmable LRA haptic module to each individual finger looping back unique signals depending on the interactions with virtual objects and materials along with feedback applied inside the virtual experience.Access the user-friendly dashboard and driver to calibrate and control the agnostics of your gloves where haptic feedback is fully customizable and is equipped with an integrated material editor, and signal strength, frequency, and resonance adjuster.

Manus Core
Manus Core is the main data-handling software for all Manus products. This software is designed to make pipelines of Manus product users more efficient. This single data stream can be used with our plugins, inside of the Manus Dashboard, or any application with the use of our SDK.


Hardware Compatibility

One of the key features of the Prime II series is the easy integration with third-party hardware. That is why the Prime II gloves come with a universal mounting system. Allowing the mounting of any type of tracker with dedicated adapters. These adapters smoothly slide on top of the Prime II series gloves.Pricing structureManus Core can be purchased as a bundle with the gloves. A stand-alone Manus Core annual license costs €499. A perpetual license purchased together with gloves costs €1499.

Manus Polygon is included as a feature of Manus Core.

This is also included when Manus Core is acquired as a stand-alone product.


Calibrate in 45 Seconds

A 45-second turnaround is all it takes to get moving. With three simple gestures, the Manus Prime II gloves take a quick and accurate calibration tailored to the users' hands. Capturing larger groups is equally streamlined, Prime II supports simultaneous multi-user calibration resulting in smoother team sessions and maximized time, making the Prime II gloves an easy, time-efficient choice.CompatibilityEasy integration of Manus Gloves is one of our top priorities. The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves can be used with a multitude of tracking systems and is supported by most HMD systems.Unity and Unreal Engine are also supported through plugins.




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