Schneider Digital 3D PluraView

Schneider Digital 3D PluraView

Innovative, reliable technology is the foundation for precise, pixel accurate, stereoscopic image evaluation in highest quality, even in daylight. The 3D PluraView Beamsplitter-Technology delivers the full monitor resolution up to 4K in brilliant brightness, thanks to one display per eye, allowing users to work comfortable and effortless in all 3D-Stereo-Applications while the new BlackTuner-Technology supports the user even in dark picture areas to detect objects easily. A response time of only 1 ms reduces “Ghosting” and fuzziness. That’s the key to a perfect 3D-Stereovisualisation in all professional areas of Photogrammetry and GIS applications.

Key feature include: Flicker free for professional continuous use – Highest brightness makes it daylight suitable – Two housing designs: 22“/24“ or 27“/28“ – Wide visual angle – Multi-user capability – Certified for photogrammetry and GIS – Resolution FullHD, 2,5K or 4K

Designed for GIS-Professionals, the 3D PluraView is ideally suited for all Stereo-Software-Applications in highly diverse branches: • 3D City model visualization • Photogrammetry • GIS / Mapping • Industrial measuring / laser scanning • Oil & gas prospecting • Archeology • Crystallography / biochemistry • Computed tomography & surgical planning • Biochemistry / Microscopy • CGI / 3D Video editing • Mechanical design / CAD • Simulation & VR training


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