Schneider Digital 3D PluraView

Innovative, reliable technology is the foundation for precise, pixel accurate, stereoscopic image evaluation in highest quality, even in daylight. The 3D PluraView Beamsplitter-Technology delivers the full monitor resolution up to 4K in brilliant brightness, thanks to one display per eye, allowing users to work comfortable and effortless in all 3D-Stereo-Applications while the new BlackTuner-Technology supports the user even in dark picture areas to detect objects easily. A response time of only 1 ms reduces “Ghosting” and fuzziness. That’s the key to a perfect 3D-Stereovisualisation in all professional areas of Photogrammetry and GIS applications.

Key feature include: Flicker free for professional continuous use – Highest brightness makes it daylight suitable – Two housing designs: 22“/24“ or 27“/28“ – Wide visual angle – Multi-user capability – Certified for photogrammetry and GIS – Resolution FullHD, 2,5K or 4K

Designed for GIS-Professionals, the 3D PluraView is ideally suited for all Stereo-Software-Applications in highly diverse branches: • 3D City model visualization • Photogrammetry • GIS / Mapping • Industrial measuring / laser scanning • Oil & gas prospecting • Archeology • Crystallography / biochemistry • Computed tomography & surgical planning • Biochemistry / Microscopy • CGI / 3D Video editing • Mechanical design / CAD • Simulation & VR training