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PULSARON Workstation
  • PULSARON Workstation

    PULSARON Workstations are tailor-made hardware solutions for professional 3D-graphic requirements. Equipped with high-end AMD processors, the EPYC and Ryzen Threadripper CPU series, the PULSARON workstations are high-quality platforms for highly demanding, professional applications. The main focus for this platform is on a long-term, flexible and upgradable systems architecture, in order to provide maximum performance and value to the user.

    PULSARON ProValue is the workstation series for companies working with CAD/CAM and GIS applications. With a powerful AMD processor and a mid-range Radeon or RadeonPro graphics card, they are designed to provide a smooth and efficient work environment. Thanks to the mainboard configuration, hard drive(s), RAM and graphic card, all components can be enhanced and upgraded at any time.

    PULSARON Ultra workstations are the most powerful versions of the PULSARON family, including even more powerful multi-core AMD processors, up to two mainboards and multiple graphic cards, to meet highly demanding computation requirements, for instance for complex 3D industrial simulation and entire 3D city models from oblique, large-format camera systems.

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