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AmfiTech AmfiTrack

  • AmfiTech AmfiTrack
AmfiTrack is an embedded stand-alone, high precision and low cost 3D tracking system. The AmfiTrack system positions an object in 3D, outputting the absolute position (XYZ) and rotation (pitch/yaw/roll) of the system components in respect to each other, making it a so-called true six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking system.

Technical Specifications

• Highly scalable/customizable 3D positioning/orientation electromagnetic tracking system
• High 6DOF static accuracy performance @ low hardware cost
• Flexible distance between source and sensor: 5-1000 cm
• Lowest hardware cost for consumer product applications (performance dependent)
- Receiver hardware:< USD 2.5
- Transmitter hardware:< USD 12
• Smallest size for miniature applications
• Wireless sensors and sources
• Battery powered (low power consumption). Sensor is ultra low power (button cell battery feasible)
• 100% embedded software for position/orientation calculations (no external PC and software needed)
• Flexible sample rate: 1 Hz to 1000 Hz
• Capability of multiple EMF source and sensor system (more system can work within tracking range of each other)


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