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OptiTrack Prime 41

  • OptiTrack Prime 41
The Prime 41 defines precision. Offering 4.1 MP of the most intelligently processed pixels in the industry, it delivers pixel for pixel performance that outclasses all other cameras—at less than a third of the competition’s prices. We’ve engineered this precision by extracting every ounce of performance possible from our new 2048 × 2048 imager. Powered by a global shutter, our heralded real-time image processing, and the industry’s highest transmission lenses, Prime 41s capture the most nuanced motions with ease.

Production-ready volumes
Long camera range, wide field of view, and infrared illumination—with traditional optical technology, you’ve been told you can only pick one of these. The Prime 41 delivers all three.
• Infrared strobe: No “red wash” to interfere with live action cameras or distract performers.
• Wide field of view: Maximizes your capture volume with fewer cameras than typically needed in a large installation.
• Camera range: Even with a wide FOV lens and IR strobe, which normally reduces camera range by up to 50%, the Prime 41 delivers the best range in the industry.
Together, they create a large volume juggernaut, able to track a 16mm mocap marker from 100’ away. By combining our proprietary “fast glass” lens technology, intelligent image processing, and powerful strobe, a Prime 41 system can yield capture volumes up to 75’ × 150’ from a perimeter-only camera setup—with precise, noise-free data throughout.

Unprecedented range
The Prime 41s range is the best in its class. Not only does it see farther than the competition, it does so in the infrared spectrum, besting even the performance of visible red and near-infrared cameras.

Outdoor capture, out of the box
Featuring a 15W strobe1 and specially-engineered band-pass filter, the Prime 41 can easily track reflective markers outside, in full sunlight. With no need for special add-ons or modifications to enable outdoor tracking, the Prime 41 is one of the most versatile mocap cameras on the market.

Intuitive & elegant design
In designing the Prime series, we considered the complete lifetime of a motion capture camera—from unboxing to setup, capture, and teardown. Each process is elegantly accommodated with a nod to simplicity and usability.
In addition to the essentials you’re accustomed to, you’ll discover several new features that will make you wonder how you got along without them. Enjoy innovations like our Aim Assist technology for single-user setup, synchronized reference video with 3D data overlay, and our on-camera visual health and activity indicator.

Aim Assist for single user setup
Bring the camera to view in software and optimize camera settings for aiming with one button press. Aim Assist enables a single operator to configure a system in minutes, without ever touching the software interface.

On-camera status indicator
Our new on-camera visual alert system provides visual feedback about camera health and activity using a ring of RGB LEDs on the front of the camera. As camera status changes, so does the indicator ring. Color and brightness settings are customizable, so you can tailor the behavior to your preferences.

On-camera image processing
Our heralded real time, on-camera image analysis delivers clean, reliable data to your PC for efficient marker solving and reference video. Image processing types include:
• Object - Performs on-camera detection of marker location, size, and roundness using our most precise grayscale processing methods. Provides excellent precision with the smallest CPU footprint.
• Segment - Divides processing between the camera and CPU, providing streamlined marker information for CPU-efficient marker detection. Provides a balance between precision and processing load.
• Raw grayscale - Full resolution, uncompressed grayscale.

Wide FOV, super fast 12mm lens
We custom design our own super low distortion, “fast glass” lenses for optimal marker tracking. The Prime 41’s F#1.8 lens is performance matched to the imager’s resolution and treated with a wide band anti-reflective coating—features which dramatically increase light transmission to the imager, yielding larger volumes and cleaner data.

Powerful illumination with the subtlety of IR
Featuring 170 LEDs and 3x the power of our previous Ethernet camera, the Prime 41’s strobe is immensely powerful. In addition to impressive range, a generous LED array enables faster discharge for quick exposures—ideal for capturing very fast motions. And at 850nm IR, which is invisible to the naked eye, the Prime 41 provides inconspicuous illumination. This avoids the vision fatigue and unwanted attention associated with visible light strobes.

GigE and PoE+
Gigabit Ethernet I/O and PoE+ provide the Prime 41 with extensive cabling range (up to 300’), massive bandwidth capabilities, and a 25W power budget.

External sync in/out, Genlock, and Time Code
Synchronize Prime 41 cameras to almost any signal with the eSync 2. Cameras can be in sync to sources such as a professional video Genlock signal, and can also be triggered to record from general purpose inputs and software commands. Use the sync output signal or trigger with a DAQ for biomechanical force plate data alignment. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging.

Camera control
Access a variety of Prime 41 settings with any of OptiTrack’s software applications for greater control over what your cameras capture and what information they report to the software for processing. Available settings include:
• Image processing type
• Frame rate
• Exposure
• Threshold
• Illumination
• Status LED control
• And more...

OEM integration
Incorporate Prime 41 cameras into OEM tracking or computer vision applications via the free Camera SDK.


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