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5DT Data Glove Wireless Kit (for 2 gloves)

  • 5DT Data Glove Wireless Kit (for 2 gloves)
The 5DT Ultra Wireless Kit is a plug-and-play kit for the 5DT Ultra series of
data gloves. Each belt-worn wireless kit is designed to transmit the data for
2 gloves simultaneously. This means that a single wireless transceiver and
single battery pack is used for both gloves, saving both space and power.
Up to 4 wireless kits (8 gloves) can be used at the same time.

Technical Specifications

Latest 2.4GHz Bluetooth spread-spectrum technology
Long battery life - more than 8 hours
Small form factor - 4.33x3.27x1.65in (110x83x42mm)
Light weight - 10.6oz (300g) with battery pack
Belt included as standard
Spare battery pack included


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