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Previsualisation technology is revolutionizing the way we think about architecture, engineering, town planning and any range of highly technical industries.


Once reliant on blueprints, sketches and the occasional physical model, scientists and engineers are now able to use our highly precise technology to assist in mapping, design, digital imaging and simulation.

why use previsualisation technology?

Mechanical Engineer
  • Customer presentations - a chance for clients to not only see, but explore, helping you clinch that deal

  • VIP demonstration or presentations for sales and marketing purposes

  • Engineering design reviews that allow remote collaboration across, office, city or worldwide

  • Multi-disciplinary reviews. Get input across departments, enable fast iterations & rapid prototyping

  • Practicality testing - will the idea work in reality?


All VR & AR starts at the same place: a model in 3D. They are both ways of experiencing that model outside of a simple screen. 

Schneider Digital’s selection of hardware offers benefits across multiple industries through its innovative solutions. Target3D is proud to present the 3D PluraView and the 3D GlobeView as part of our visualisation product packages.

Recent Visualisation Case Studies

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