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Tracker Target EGT 5

AEG-14000 : EDGE VR Tracker target 5 Geometry - Volfoni
Compatible model : EDGE

Glasses EDGE 1.1+

EDGE 1.1+ glasses offer quality images, non-negligible comfort and exceptional battery life of up to 80 hours.
• DLP-Link Active 3D Glasses
• Compatible with: All DLP-Link or 3D-Ready Projectors

ActivHub Cinema

Active Bundle
The pack is composed of a synchronizer, an infrared transmitter and a tester. Designed to fit any size of movie theater.

Creative 3D technology with Volfoni

The equipment and 3D systems for the cinema and the virtual reality are the specialties of the Volfoni group that became an indispensable player. The company develops and develops new 3D products every year with its R & D Center managing from design to distribution throughout the world. Volfoni offers the most powerful range of active and passive 3D technologies. The film industry is the original sector of society that is now developing in simulation, education, engineering, museum and virtual reality. It is with blind confidence that Imersive Display distributes the Volfoni range.