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volumetric capture



Step into the future of immersive content creation with our cutting-edge volumetric capture studio, boasting a state-of-the-art 4DViews HOLOSYS™ system equipped with 48 4K resolution cameras. Blending reality and the virtual, our studio harnesses specialist software to capture dynamic 3D footage of people and objects, enabling unparalleled creative possibilities across virtual environments, diverse platforms and beyond.


the most detailed photorealistic video

Capturing texture and movement simultaneously


Record texture details and movement in one take

Volumetric data provides information about the subject's shape, movement, and positioning, captured alongside detailed texture

see how volumetric capture is used
With examples from across the worldwide 4DViews studio network


Integrated with development tools
Fits into existing workflows with Unity and Unreal Engine plug-ins

technology specifications

3 metre diameter


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