VizMove WalkingVR

VizMove WalkingVR


  • Immerse – Experience full freedom of movement in a wide-area walking environment with a VR headset.

  • Move – Move freely through your virtual world with high-precision tracking for both head and hands.

  • Create – Rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex virtual reality applications with included software.

  • Interact – Intuitively interact and navigate with wireless, ergonomic controller.

  • Compute – Harness the power of seamless virtual reality rendering with cutting-edge VR components

Vizible VR Platform

An End-To-End VR Solution for Sales Professionals

  • Easy Content Creation

  • Impactful Meetings

  • Low Latency

  • Cloud Based

  • Full Hardware Connectivity

  • Countless Use Cases

  • Use Vizible for sales, design review, training and much more.

VizMove ProjectionVR

VizMove ProjectionVR


  • Visualize – High quality, cost-effective 3D projectors leave zero footprint.

  • Share – Collaborate on data review & design visualization with large groups.

  • Create – Rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex virtual reality applications with included software.

  • Move – Experience motion tracking optimized for real-time viewpoint rendering and complex interactions.

  • Compute – Harness best-in-class components for high-performance multi-display stereoscopic graphics.

PPT Active Tracking

Our high-precision motion tracking system.

  • Track multiple users over large areas while maintaining precision and accuracy.

  • Quickly configure and calibrate with user-friendly, stream-lined user interface.

  • Interact without restraint while PPT processes your every movement with real-time sub-millimeter accuracy.

  • Integrate with various other real-time rendering software.

A decade of leadership revolutionizing human interaction with virtual reality.

WorldViz virtual reality software and solutions empower professionals to create immersive experiences, solving problems across a wide range of industries. WorldViz offers a full range of products and support, including enterprise grade software, complete VR systems, custom solution design, and application development. In enterprises, WorldViz virtual reality solutions are helping people understand complex information while enhancing communication between designers, engineers and management teams. In academia, WorldViz technology enables innovation and experimental control in research and discovery.