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Current vacancies will be added below and kept up to date:

Virtual Production Technical operator

Target3D are looking for a technical lead with a passion for the latest in real-time production techniques to take on the challenge of developing and operating a Guildford based virtual production stage.

The position will focus on the creation of a functional studio environment that mixes conventional, leading edge commercial, and research prototype components in collaboration with vendors and industry partners. 

The candidate will work in a collaborative, leading-edge, fast-paced sandbox setting split between Guildford and our Hoxton studio.  The role will focus on developing our internal virtual production process for indie projects that will utilise Unreal Engine as the core of their workflow.  The role will have access to our state of the art motion capture, broadcast and LED screen technology and the candidate will play a large part in determining our VP & VFX strategy.

This role would suit someone with a VFX or media server background alongside a keen interest in VP and a desire to run their own department with a focus on pipeline development. 

The ideal candidate would have a keen eye for composition,  an understanding of the many facets of VP and be able to develop in-engine tools for the editor, runtime, and VR that enable T3D to demo their stage capabilities to director, DOPs, camera operators, and other key creatives in the filmmaking process. 



  • UE4 Stage Build & Strategy development

  • Disguise & Notch

  • On-set operation of the above real-time engines

  • Animation layout assembly and maintenance

  • Virtual Camera session operation

  • Environment optimisation

  • Tool building in blueprints and VR

  • Rendering

  • Import and Export for final turnovers



  • Advanced experience in Unreal Engine

  • Understanding of the filmmaking process

  • Understanding of a CG or Animation workflow

  • Proven ability to work well in fast-paced environments (on-set experience a plus)

  • Exceptional communication and organisational skills

  • Strong problem-solving mindset

  • Ability to work well and communicate well under pressure

  • Ability to work with and help develop new workflows

  • Ability to learn and execute a variety of roles in a given day

  • Voracious appetite for learning new things

  • Team player


We’re looking for a talented UE4 / Real-Time Game Engine Developer / Graduate to join a growing motion capture studio and sales consultancy based in East London.


The successful candidate will be working to develop our performance capture and virtual production pipelines,  technology demo capabilities and will be involved in on-site and off-site shoots, installs and training sessions.

The candidate will have a good understanding of either the Unity or Unreal development environments and be passionate about developing their skills further. You will have access to a range of motion capture and VR technologies and be part of the beginning of a new creative team, who provide a professional visual communication service to UK markets.


Does this sound like you?


Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate effectively as part of a small team.

  • Clean and process mocap data

  • Take responsibility and ownership of tasks, communicating effectively with others.

  • Take responsibility for delivering products to a high standard.

  • Produce well written, well documented, functional, readable and maintainable code.

  • Test and debug new features and VR prototypes.

  • Use in house tools and plugins to setup new projects.

  • Develop applications and experiences, primarily using games engine development platforms, for varied target platforms. 

  • Implement UI.

  • Contribute to client enquiries or negotiations of a technical nature as requested, with support from senior team members.

  • Remain adaptable to change in duties as projects, deadlines, or business dictates.

  • Ensure consistent quality and performance.


Required skills and experience

  • Minimum University degree in games development or similar.

  • Experience developing games or other applications using either Unity or Unreal, across multiple past projects.

  • A very good existing knowledge of engine functionality, including the editor interface, scene setup, scripting, UI implementation, materials/shaders, lighting, particle systems, mobile development, etc. 

  • Familiar with object-oriented design principles. 

  • Good knowledge of either C# or C++, preferably both.

  • Strong maths and problem solving skills.

  • Knowledge of 3D file formats, concepts and techniques.

  • Good time management and communication skills.


Additional Skills

  • Experience with VR platforms and hardware.

  • Experience using GIT source control.

  • Experience with 3D modelling and texturing.