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Research & Education

At Target3D, we're proud to be the go-to technology suppliers for top universities and colleges across the UK and Europe. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of future-focused tech, including Motion Capture (MoCap), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Robotics, Simulation, and Biomechanics. By offering a complete consultancy service, we're your all-in-one solution for advanced educational technology needs.

  • Immersive tech from multiple manufacturers , provided by one trusted source

  • From design to delivery, your goals are our focus; consultation, supply, installation and training 

  • Curriculum integrated systems to serve your students, the workforce of the future

  • Creating motion capture studios and virtual production stages on campus

  • Hosting demos, performance capture and tracking at our studio 

  • Supporting proof of concepts with the Education sector

  • Collaborating on research funding applications


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  • Interdisciplinary Applications: MoCap systems are not limited to one field of study. They have applications ranging from biomechanics and sports science to animation and psychology. This versatility means that multiple departments can benefit from a single investment.

  • Advanced Data Collection: Motion capture technology enables precise data collection regarding human and non-human movement. This can significantly enhance research in areas like ergonomics, rehabilitation, gait analysis, and more, leading to groundbreaking findings and publications.

  • Career Preparedness: Exposure to and proficiency in using MoCap systems prepare students for careers in various fast-evolving sectors where such technology is becoming increasingly vital, such as virtual reality, film production, video game development, healthcare, and more.

  • Practical Learning Experiences: MoCap systems provide students with hands-on learning experiences. In disciplines such as film and game design, physical therapy, and sports science, students can apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, enhancing their learning outcomes.

  • Curriculum Innovation: The integration of cutting-edge technology like MoCap systems into the curriculum keeps academic programs modern and relevant, attracting prospective students who are seeking dynamic and technologically advanced educational environments.

  • Global Classroom Potential: Such systems allow for the creation of digital content that can be shared globally, enabling international collaborations and opening up new possibilities for remote internships and global classroom initiatives.


Seeking Expert Guidance?

Case studies

Cerca Background.png

The groundbreaking research conducted by Cerca Magnetics has led to significant advancements in neuroimaging technology, culminating in the development of non-invasive, child-friendly brain scans that boast exceptional accuracy.


Our task was to provide a tracking system that could be used to (1) monitor the position of the helmet relative to the participant’s head; (2) for coregistration of the MEG data to an anatomical MRI; and (3) to trigger and record events during tasks.

Cerca Foreground.png

Cerca Magnetics: Revolutionizing Pediatric Brain Imaging using motion Capture

Studio 2

studio 2.png

Try Before you buy

Discover our state-of-the-art motion capture laboratory, conveniently located in the heart of London. It provides you with the exclusive opportunity to test equipment before making a purchase.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and post-sale technical support to ensure you maximize the potential of your system.

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