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We provide motion capture solutions tailored to the unique needs of robotics applications. Our systems offer real-time, low-latency 6DoF tracking, ensuring robots can navigate their environments with unparalleled accuracy. With positional error levels consistently below 0.3mm and rotational error under 0.05°, our technology sets new standards for precision in robotics.

We also offer developer tools that grant access to crucial data points, facilitating the development and optimization of control algorithms. Whether you're working on autonomous vehicles, drones, or industrial automation, our motion capture solutions empower your robots to excel in even the most demanding tasks, ensuring they operate with unmatched precision and responsiveness.

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A New Way to Track Robotics at the Institute for Safe Autonomy:  Within newly built specialised laboratories, The ISA is performing research in the field of robotics and autonomous systems. This is focused on how they can ensure the safe use of robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, currently in use and in development across multiple industries.
As part of this research, Dr James Hilder, Senior Technical Team Manager, got in contact with Target3D....


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  • Real-time Tracking and Low Latency:  Motion capture systems offer real-time tracking, which is crucial for robotics applications. They provide low latency tracking, ensuring that the robot can respond quickly to changes in its environment. This is especially important for ground and aerial robotics like UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that require precise and timely data for safe and effective operation.

  • High Precision 6DoF Tracking:  Motion capture systems offer high precision tracking with 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF), which includes position and orientation in 3D space. This level of precision is essential for robots that need to navigate and interact with their surroundings accurately. For example, a drone or ground robot needs to know its exact position and orientation for tasks like mapping, inspection, or object manipulation.

  • Path Planning: Motion capture data simplifies path planning for robots. It provides accurate information about the robot's position and orientation, making it easier to plan and execute complex maneuvers. This is particularly important for applications such as autonomous vehicles and drones that need to navigate through dynamic environments.

  • Integration with Control Systems:  Motion capture systems can be seamlessly integrated with control systems, enabling direct communication between the robot's control software and the tracking system. This tight integration ensures that the robot can react to changes in its position and environment in real-time, enhancing overall performance.

  • High Accuracy:  The positional and rotational error levels mentioned (0.3mm and 0.05°) are exceptionally accurate. Such precision is critical for applications where even small errors can lead to mission failure or safety issues. It can be especially beneficial for tasks like inspection, surveillance, or precise manipulation of objects.

  • Developer Tools:  Motion capture systems often come with developer tools that provide access to various data points, including camera images, centroids, reconstructed 3D points, and rigid body 6DoF position and orientation. These tools enable developers to create and fine-tune robot control algorithms, making it easier to develop and optimize robotic systems.

System Overview


The most precise large scale 3D measurement system in the world was built with Prime 41 technology. Whats more any camera in the Prime and Primex family can be used together to create the optimal configuration for any use case. That is 11 different cameras that can be chosen to deliver the highest 3D accuracy in any environment.


Custom Built Tracking solutions

We are independent and unbiased consultants who design and deliver custom systems built to match your requirements.

In order to do this, we have developed close ties with leading industry suppliers to give us a range of options to develop a solution that works best for you and your budget.

Studio 2

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Try before you buy


Discover our state-of-the-art motion capture laboratory, conveniently located in the heart of London. It provides you with the exclusive opportunity to test equipment before making a purchase.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and post-sale technical support to ensure you maximize the potential of your system.

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