Target3D specialise in the integration of cutting-edge tracking technologies. 

Working across all industries - we provide innovative tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, robotics, movement sciences, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback. Located in our London studio and with over 15 years' expertise, expect nothing but extraordinary products, support and training.

Stay on-budget, stay on-time and #StayOnTarget

Performance Capture & Tracking Technologies

London based 3D tech supplier specialising in mocap / tracking technology. We offer
cutting edge solutions from a range of manufacturers and are the UK sole distributors
for OptiTrack, Noitom, Captury & DynamiXyz

Meet our team of independent, unbiased motion capture experts, with over 30 years
combined experience, we curate products from the whole market to ensure your project
performs on budget, on time and you #StayOnTarget

Working with you from concept to delivery; affordable mocap service work is our
speciality. From a low-cost one-day shoot to full production hire we manage characters,
rigging, capture and clean up for you.


Facilities / Book a Demo

We invite you to our brand new demo space here in Hoxton to try the tech before you buy. Meet the experts and experience our biomechanics area, edit suite, VR area and the mocap stage.