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Target3D specialise in the integration of cutting-edge tracking technologies.

We work across all industries - providing tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, hologram creation, movement sciences, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback. With over 15 years' expertise in the field, we will provide you with the suitable training, support and the products you need to stay on-budget, stay on-time and #StayOnTarget

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Located here in London, we have a space for you to experience and get hands on with a wide range of our technologies.

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We provide you with the consultation and support you need every step along the way, from specification through to install and beyond.

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We deal with the import taxes, shipping and handling fees so you don't have to. Let Target3D handle the logistics.

Here at Target3D we work with all manufacturers in order to most effectively fulfil your motion capture needs - please see our individual product pages, listed above, for relevant information on the latest models in each category.

If in any doubt re: your specific requirements, give us a ring on (+44) 0203 488 2575 and we’d be happy to talk through what product will work best for you.

There are of course lots of considerations when selecting motion capture systems - make sure you’re getting the right product for your needs by calling us 1st and talk through your prospective project.

We have full body systems starting at about £2000 for passive optical tracking, £3000 for magnetic and less than £20,000 for active & passive hybrid optical systems. We have motion capture gloves starting at around £500 apiece through to about £2000 a pair. We also have facial motion capture solutions starting at £1500 for head mounted camera systems that work alongside our full body tracking to deliver incredible performance capture.

We are glad to pass along educational pricing for many of our products for schools, and staff, and students as made available by or manufacturers.
Types of questions we need to answer:

1. What type of motions need to be tracked?
2. Is the motion fast or slow?
3. Simple or intricate?
4. Number of objects/markers/performers?
5. How close do performers need to get to each other?
6. How are the performers interacting?
7. Indoors, outdoors, a permanent or temporary space?
8. Do you need real-time capabilities?
9. Do you need to synchronise with other sources such as audio or video?
11. Which software do you need to integrate with?
12. Do you need an API or SDK to write your own driver?

We can guide you through
the best options in the marketplace.

We find the products that fit your needs, your space and your budget. If you are looking for expert motion tracking consultation then Target3D can provide you with a straight-talking, unbiased appraisal of your options across the market space. Our in-house Engineers and Solution Architects are ready to help you with any queries you might have. So give us a shout by hitting Contact Us.

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Discover how 3D tracking spans across verticals from Animation through to Simulation. We track humans, objects and even robots! In fact we anticipate drones will work autonomously in spaces. Our systems providing sub-mm and 360fps accuracy which means engineers can control and understand the vehicles they are manipulating.

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