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Advanced Media Production - Dock Street

About us

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Studio Target3D is a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Central London designed and built by the foremost distributor of 3D technologies in the UK. Our Dock Street facility harnesses the most powerful technologies currently available and combines them with industry-leading infrastructure to form a world-class virtual production & motion capture studio.


Our studio is uniquely crafted to cater to the specific needs of various media productions, making it an ideal space for a broad range of creative ventures, including film and television productions, game development, performing arts, live events, music videos, and animations.

A floor plan of the dock street studios
Central London - Zone 1
2 motion Capture volumes
Full Performance Capture
Virtual Production
5g low latency connectivity
Sound Recording Facilities
Technical Support

What we offer



Our Studio is an exceptional option for production houses, companies, and performers seeking a studio in the heart of London. Its unique location provides significant advantages, including reduced travel time, cost savings, and a smaller environmental impact. This facility comes equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for a top-tier production, boasting top-of-the-line sound, camera, and post-production equipment that meet industry standards.

Virtual production stage performance


Our LED wall measures 10.5 x 3.5m and is comprised of Absen PL 1.9 V10 LED  panels running on Brompton Technology  Processing with a resolution of 5376 x 1792 pixels at 120Hz 10bit HDR. The pixel pitch of 1.9mm 4-in1 MiniLED allows for stunning photo-real environments with high fidelity lossless video

We have two additional movable walls that allow you to cast realistic reflections and lighting upon objects and people in your scene.

Our Masterclock system delivers sync to the entire system including render nodes, media servers, LED walls and cameras to ensure eliminating scan lines and other artefacts.

Technicians assiting actors with their full peromance equipment
A motion capture actress on stage performing


We are renowned for providing a friendly, collaborative environment. Productions benefit from the presence of our studio team whose knowledge and experience will enable you to get more value from your time on set, helping to set up and test custom workflows, calibrate the motion capture systems, and provide technical support and operations throughout the shoot.

We also offer post-production data cleaning services should you require them.

Full Performance Capture

The volume capture area is encompassed by an array of 42 Optitrack PrimeX22 and PrimeX41 cameras, which, in combination with our in-house systems hand and facial tracking solutions, offer the unprecedented capability of capturing the full range of motions 4+ actors simultaneously and displayed in real time within a virtual environment of your choice.

Black Magic Ursa one of the Target3d cameras avaliable with the studio

Top of the line Industry Equipment

We are camera agnostic but have an array of high-end cinema cameras in house that will capture the scene in stunning clarity while recording its position within 3D space. The interactive wall can mimic depth of field, bokeh, and parallax movements in relation to the positioning operation of the camera in real time.

We are workflow agnostic and support multiple systems in house including NDisplay, Disguise, 7thSense and other media server solutions. We have a 10Gb network & 12g SDI infrastructure supporting high refresh and high resolution pipelines

Our custom-made VCS rig can be used to capture the exact angle required to get the perfect shot, opening up camera movements utilized in traditional filmmaking.

Declassified Projects

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Situated in central London, an ideal location for clients, production houses, and performers, our location will save you time and budget. From within Zone 1, you can be anywhere in the world or out of it! The environmental benefit from this reduction in transport-related emissions is a positive reason for choosing this production method over shooting on location.


We have excellent public transport links and are within walking distance of both Aldgate & Tower Hill Train stations. Our studio also has direct access to a large road with large shutters that can be opened up to allow the offloading of equipment, crew, and props, which is a great logistical advantage to you on the day of a shoot. This area doubles up as a control space, allowing larger crews space away from the volume capture during takes to operate sound, lighting, and visuals.

oUR Location

map of london showing target3d
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