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Revolutionising Music Videos through Virtual Production

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Golden Hour. It’s the one part of the day that photographers, videographers and artists want to capitalise on.

It’s softer, warmer and makes everything look that little bit nicer. But it doesn’t last long. Or does it? With Virtual Production, you can shoot a music video in Golden Hour for 12 hours if you want to.

In fact, what is possible for production when you leverage motion capture, real-time interactive visualisation, and interactive set extension is limitless.

Camera in front of a forest scene displayed on an LED wall

Whether you want to utilise generative content with visually stunning dynamic weather changing in time with the song and lyrics, prefer hyper-realistic virtual sets for In-Camera VFX or want to create a full-blown cinematic opus with XR and AR elements, it’s possible.

Want to shoot in multiple locations? There’s no need to travel. You can be in Berlin one minute, New York the next. The best part? No jet lag when you’re shooting from our convenient location in Central London.

It’s Hollywood at home.

Virtual Production in an LED volume takes music video production to the next level. Imagine: every aspect of your virtual world chosen down to the final details, with every single element brought together before any video is shot. Gone are the days of greenscreen and guesswork of potentially costly post-production edits. By replacing Compositing and Rotoscoping with video wall, you can receive immediate feedback on how your virtual world looks and behaves, allowing for quick iterations and improvements.

At Target3D, we’re set apart from the competition with our ability to combine interactive mocap in-house. Using a disguise XR workflow, OptiTrack cameras and Unreal Engine to render, we can track a dancer to drive a virtual avatar in real-time. We can facilitate a performer to interact with digital characters or objects, creating a seamless blend of reality and imagination. And we can create virtual worlds to reach the very limits of your imagination, creating an immersive performance stage to blend the real world with the not-so-real.

And the work doesn’t stop there: we’re continually evaluating new technology to enhance our services for visual storytelling. We worked with Final Pixel to facilitate the mocap and collaborated on the on-set virtual production for a ‘proof of concept’ R&D exercise to capture live-action creature animation on a disguise VP workflow. The result was confirmation that VP is moving the needle to reach new heights of fidelity, control and quality for what’s possible for the creative process.

Katy Perry American Idol Performance
Katy Perry's American Idol performance. Credit: XR Studios.

You can join the likes of Katy Perry and the MTV EMAs with VP and XR production - and get people wondering just how big your budget was - when the result is a visually stunning music video performance.

Witness the shift and don’t get left behind. Be at the forefront. This is the future of music video production.

Discover our Central London Studio: Advanced Media Production - Dock Street


Why trust Target3D for your Virtual Production Music Video?

Simple. We are unbiased and recommend what's right for you, not what's right for us.

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