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motion capture performance Workshops

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get into the action on day one


Our course gets you into a mocap suit on your first day


Within a commercial motion capture and virtual production studio

learn from industry professionals


Shots you can showcase in your own reel

AND receive footage of your performance


Target3D is proud to present our Introduction to Motion Capture Performance Workshops, utilising the latest technology, as well as the talent and experience of our exceptional team to get you ready for working in the expanding field of Motion Capture.  

Our central London studio is where the magic happens. Our course runs over two days from 10AM to 4.30PM and works with a smaller group of performers so that we can provide focused learning.


what you'll learn

Our course is action packed, containing both theory and practical learning opportunities. 

On the first day, you’ll cover the history of motion capture and how technology has progressed to the industry leading tech we use in our studio.

​We then give an introduction to performing in the volume, including the technical specifics to keep in mind such as the placement of our cameras. This is key for actors wishing to prove their ability to work in motion capture productions. As part of this first day, you will don our motion capture suits and learn how they work within the volume. 

The second day focuses on applying the skills and techniques learnt on day one into a prepared scene. You will experience how a mocap shoot runs first hand, from T-Pose to T-Pose. We cover the specifics of working with props such as weapons, but also look at how to move around a space that is mostly invisible to the actor, and how a realistic performance can be achieved despite this.

At the conclusion of the course participants will have the opportunity to interact with hardware we use for face capture performances.


how you benefit

The motion capture industry is currently experiencing massive growth. Film, television and video game studios are increasingly looking towards mocap for use in their productions.

Traditional actors who have experience with stage and film often do not possess the required knowledge to effectively perform within a digital space. Our aim is for you to walk into a mocap studio with the confidence that you understand the process, technology and language used within a mocap shoot, so you can give all your attention to your performance.  

Additionally, upon completion of the course you have the option of joining our Talent Pool. That means we’ll keep your name and skills on file, and connect you to producers if you match what they’re looking for in a performer.

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​The workshop is led by Ryan Mercier who has been a professional actor and director for many years working in both Theatre and Film, training in the UK and New York. Ryan is Target3D's Performance Consultant for Motion Capture. 

the experts

His focus in training has been in the Meisner Technique and has further training in long form Improv. Ryan has starred in a number of motion capture projects and films including Angels in Notting Hill with the late Sir Christopher Lee, We Still Steal the Old Way and MLE. 

Joshua Prasser, our Motion Capture TD, co-facilitates our workshops. Josh knows the technology inside out. He is responsible for running the programmes which capture the performances and working on the pre-viz. 

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Ryan has worked at a variety of prestigious Film Schools and Universities, leading courses in acting for film, acting for mocap and directing actors. 


“I’m excited. Confident. This is just a fantastic opportunity to increase the skills I never knew I could have."


" incredibly fun workshop which brings out all your energy and laughter!"


"Had a lot of fun and learnt so much! Highly recommend these guys if you are new to mocap or want to improve your skillset."


what our alumni say...

our technology

Are you a performer looking to enhance your portfolio and stand out from the rest?

​We take pride in our technology. As industry leaders, we have access to the most advanced motion capture products available. By partaking in our programme, you can be assured that you are learning about and interacting with the most sophisticated products in the industry.​

During the course you’ll perform within the Optitrack motion capture system, utilising Unreal Engine for our digital environments and characters. We also use Standard Deviation FaceCams and GoPro Hero 8s for our monologue segments.


Do you want to be ready to perform in the next generation of film, TV and video games? 

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