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Studio Services


Central London's  newest large-volume
Motion Capture & Virtual Production Studio

A place where performance capture is our speciality and where we work seamlessly with you from concept to delivery.
Starting from an affordable one-day shoot to full production hire, we manage characters, rigging, capture and clean up for you - with fast turnaround data when you need it.
Whether you choose to shoot in Studio Target3D in Tower Hamlets or enlist us to install a pop-up 'studio' on location, we promise a complete performance capture solution.

Studio Services we offer


Performance capture gives filmmakers, game developers, and other creatives the opportunity to bring an actor’s full range of skills to a digital character. While motion capture has been around for a long time, historically it was used only to capture the broader motions of the body. Now these systems are sensitive enough to capture subtle details in the face and fingers, effectively capturing the actor’s entire performance. 


Our studio is equipped with a fully integrated system of cutting-edge performance capture technology:

- 42 camera OptiTrack tracking system for sub-mm capture.
- A selection of Data gloves from various leading manufacturers. 
- DynamiXyz Face Capture, Facegood & Depth sensor solutions.



Most major films and TV series created today already use some form of virtual production, be it previsualization,  techvis or postvis.

Every single shot in the film is straight out of Unreal Engine. There’s no compositing or external post apart from a few text overlays and colour correction done on Resolve.

Studio T3D hosts cutting-edge performance capture technology:

- 42 camera OptiTrack tracking system for sub-mm capture.
- Data gloves from various manufacturers. 
- DynamiXyz Face Capture & Depth sensor solutions.

Mocap Workshops

Target3D workshop courses are action-packed, containing both theory and practical learning opportunities. We recognise the need for a well-trained and highly skilled workforce of performers in the industry. With this in mind we set up our Mocap Workshop. Two days of training that gives participants the knowledge of how motion capture systems function as well as the practical training as to how they can get the most out of the performance on set.

Screenshot 2023-06-23 162538.png


At Target3D, directors and production crew work on our mocap and virtual production stages, while viewing the virtual environment and characters in real-time.  Our capabilities allow remote connection with performers, creatives or directors elsewhere in the world and the Target3D experts use their experience and know-how to seamlessly guide you through each stage of your virtual production.


Bespoke Motion Capture & Virtual Production Studios

Through our years of experience designing and installing motion capture systems for research facilities, entertainment venues and sporting institutions we have developed a reputation as a highly reliable supplier capable of delivering even the most complex projects on time and on budget.


Our industry connections gives us the ability to design and install a first rate virtual production studio to your specifications.  We have access to the best in class technologies that we have extensively tested  ourselves.

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