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Virtual Production

Virtual production (often abbreviated to VP) is an emerging method that uses a combination of technologies ranging from the use of LED screens, real-time game engines, AI, 5G, cloud rendering and edge computing to combine live action footage and computer graphics in real-time.

Billed as the future of film-making, virtual production is the process of mixing live footage and computer graphics simultaneously, to get real-time feedback and to make decisions on set about composition, VFX and animations. Combining the power and affordability of game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity and the visualization capabilities of VR, virtual production shifts the pipelines and creative workflows of film-making.

Virtual Production Explained

Virtual Production Technology

Virtual Production Service Work

From our Advanced Media Production Studio, at our Central London hub, we can set you up for remote connection with performers, creatives or directors anywhere in the world. Our team are here to ensure you get the highest level of accuracy from our performance capture stage whilst you view the virtual environment and characters in real-time.

In 2021, Target3D collaborated with Digital Catapult to launch and run the Virtual Production Test Stage in Guildford, UK. Following its success the collaboration continues with Advanced Media Production (AMP), a network of technology studios from Digital Catapult and Target3D that provide access to Virtual Production and 3D technology for filmmakers, universities and creative industries across the UK.


  • 10.5m x 3.5m Curved LED Wall 

  • 1.9mm LED with Brompton R2 Cards

  • 2 Movable LED Walls on Casters

  • OptiTrack virtual camera tracking system for sub-mm real-time camera tracking.

  • Vanishing Point for real-time UE4 compositing toolkit with lens encoding.

  • Stype Follower, the object and people tracking system that enables physical interaction with graphics and makes virtual objects behave as though they are real.

Specialising in the clean-up and delivery of optical and inertial motion capture data, our animators work across platforms and formats including Maya, Motionbuilder, C4D and Notch, plus all the major game engine platforms. From pre-viz through to post-viz, data cleaning, retargeting and post-animation, Target3D animation team deliver the data you need, when you need it.

All we need from you is an understanding of your desired output format, frame rate and delivery preferences; then we will walk through with you at the start of each project and take care of the post-processing. 

Recent Projects

Why Trust Target3D for Virtual Production?


We are trusted as experts in brand new technology, working with all leading VP suppliers. We recommend what's right for you,
not what's right for us.


We welcome you to get hands on with the technology in our studio - allowing you to see how it works, meet the experts and try before you buy.


We offer full service from consultancy to a turnkey solution. Make us your one source of supply for all the setup. Ideal in a complex and confusing marketplace.


We have a sustained focus on R&D. More than a year of reseach at our VPTS   coupled with continued university collaboration gives us the edge


All of our supply and installs are enhanced by expert training. We're also proud to offer a 'Train the Trainer' curriculum for education delivery.

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