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Environmental, Social & Governance policy


At Target3D we understand the importance of acting responsibly as a company and recognising environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that impact global sustainability such as climate change and human rights violations. We acknowledge the importance of identifying and considering ESG issues within all of our business activities in order to generate growth in a responsible manner and ensure we continually create lasting value for our employees, society and stakeholders. Furthermore, we understand ESG factors and  sustainable business practices are important for analysing investment decisions, with suitable ESG practices impacting business risk and financial performance. 

Our ESG policy highlights our commitment to global sustainability, the environment and society. In writing our ESG policy we firstly considered our own internal policies, such as our anti-corruption and bribery policy and health and safety policy, before engaging in conversations with employees and stakeholders to ensure we reflect the core values of Target3D. This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we maintain a responsible approach towards environmental, social and corporate governance issues. 

The Environment 

Target3D understands the requirement to protect nature and acknowledges that climate change is a serious issue threatening the environment and the global economy. Successful action against climate change will require cooperation from governments, businesses and individuals around the world in order to mitigate the risk of climate change to our planet. At Target3D we are committed to reducing the impact of our activities and decisions on the environment and where possible, we encourage environmentally friendly systems of working. Some of the more specific steps we are taking in our fight against climate change are:

Waste Management: We minimise waste where possible and ensure it is disposed of safely. Further to this, we ensure zero of our waste ends up in landfill with all non-recyclable waste we produce helping to generate green energy.

Energy Conservation: We actively ensure we are environmentally responsible with our water and energy consumption. As a Company, we encourage employees to switch off lights, heating and appliances that are not in use.

Recycling: We support the concept of a paperless office, encouraging employees to go digital and promoting recycling when this is not possible.

Legal Requirements: We aim to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations in the UK and in any other countries where we operate.

We will regularly review ways in which we can effectively fight climate change and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to continue to promote a sustainable approach to the environment. 

Social Issues

The way in which businesses address social issues is of increasing importance to a variety of stakeholders. Target3D hopes that by considering social issues and ethics in our decisions we will have a positive impact on society, employees and external stakeholders. We feel passionately about ensuring we maintain an inclusive and diverse workforce as well as taking necessary steps to protect human rights and help those in the local community. Considering social issues in our business decisions not only demonstrates our core values but creates a productive and sustainable workforce who are mindful of the needs of those with no direct stake in the Company. A number of social issues are important to us and detailed below are a few examples of how Target3D promotes and acts upon issues facing society: 

Human Rights: We will always promote and respect human rights ensuring that, directly or indirectly, we avoid the use of human trafficking, forced labour and child labour. We will not finance transactions where there is knowingly a direct involvement in any form of modern slavery.

Health and Safety: So far as is reasonable, we will always protect the health and safety of employees and others affected by our actions through monitoring and mitigating risks. We continually seek to promote a safe working environment and encourage employees to consult on health and safety issues.

Discrimination and Diversity: We will always be non-discriminatory and ensure diversity and equality in our employment procedures. Discrimination has no place in Target3D and so we continually promote a diverse workplace culture ensuring all employees are treated fairly and equally regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality and disability.

Charity and the local community: We encourage all staff to participate in voluntary work, donations and fundraising events that will help to benefit the local and wider community.


Corporate Governance 

Governance issues are vital for effectively managing a business and at Target3D we believe it is the primary responsibility of the Directors to govern Company affairs efficiently to generate long term benefits for employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our governance structure ensures accountability and transparency between shareholders and stakeholders and we seek to always act in the best interests of our shareholders to generate lasting value and trust. Some aspects of corporate governance we continually monitor and act upon are: 

Business Ethics: We will always act with honesty, integrity and fairness in all of our business dealings.

Law: We will always abide by the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in and strictly oppose any illegal practices. 

Accountability and Transparency: We will maintain high standards of accountability and transparency ensuring effective communication with shareholders regarding progress and financial reports.

Corruption and Bribery: As per our Anti-corruption and Bribery Policy, we will ensure there is no bribery or corruption in any of our business dealings.

Conflicts of Interest: We will identify any possible conflicts of interest and take appropriate steps to avoid or mitigate these conflicts.

At Target3D, we are proud to incorporate ESG issues into our business activities and practices and are committed to constant improvement. By regularly reviewing this policy and taking new and necessary actions on ESG issues, we hope to continue to make a positive impact on the environment and society whilst maintaining a responsible and sustainable business. 

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