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About us

As a leading 3D technology consultancy, Target3D specialise in delivering cutting-edge 3D technology and tracking solutions across diverse industries such as motion capture, virtual production, AR/VR, training and simulation, robotics, biomechanics, animation, VFX gaming, 3D scanning and haptics. 


In recent years, Target3D has expanded its expertise into geospatial technologies through a partnership with Schneider Digital, offering innovative solutions to both public and private sectors in the UK and New Zealand. 


Focused on enriching geospatial data analysis, visualisation, and decision-making processes, our offerings include plug-and-play solutions such as stereoscopic monitors and performance workstations. 


Aligned with the Geospatial Strategy 2030, our primary objective is to accelerate geospatial innovation and contribute to the geospatial ecosystem. Target3D is an Associate Member of The Association for Geographic Information (AGI), a Bronze Partner of Esri Inc. and a Licensed Partner of the Ordnance Survey (OS).


Explore The Range Of Geospatial Technologies

Geospatial – Stereoscopic Visualisation Solutions

3D PluraView
3D GlobeView
Multi-Viewer Support
Support wide-angle screen view for up to 5 simultaneous viewers.
Supports wide-angle screen view for up to 30 simultaneous viewers.
Crystal Clear Vision
Optimized polarization glasses ensure excellent stereo channel separation, preventing "ghosting," with cost-effective and easy replacement.
Delivers ultimate visual 3D-stereo or VR-interactive display surface in this format. It can be expanded horizontally by adding units to create a 3D Powerwall.
Swift Workflow Enhancement
Screen refresh rates as quick as 1 ms for seamlessly smooth stereo image roaming, enhancing overall workflow efficiency in various professional applications.
Ideal for applications such as oil & gas exploration, geospatial intelligence, command centre collaboration, engineering design visualization, and simulation.
Dark Area Brilliance
Screen refresh rates as quick as 1 ms for seamlessly smooth stereo image roaming, enhancing overall workflow efficiency in various professional applications.
Ideal for stereoscopic, true-depth group visualization with a very large screen area and high pixel density. Suitable for mid-sized conference rooms.
Tailored Configurations
Screen diagonals up to 28 inches, resolutions reaching 4K (UHD), and a remarkable colour depth of 10 bits per pixel.
80" screen size, 3,840 × 2,160 resolution, RGB stripe arrangement, 10-bit colour depth.
Precision Display
Innovative PluraView beam-splitter technology for pixel-precise, stereoscopic 3D images with unparalleled quality
Ultra-high resolution large display with unprecedented 3D-stereo quality in large-format LCD displays. Designed for high-resolution professional applications.



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Explore the full potential of our geospatial technologies with our versatile range of applications. Our stereoscopic monitors, including the 3D PluraView and GlobeView, coupled with the Pulsaron workstation, redefine the way geospatial professionals interact with their data, offering unparalleled advantages. Some of the applications include:

  • 3D City Visualisation

  • Oil & Gas 

  • BIM Modelling

  • Defence

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

  • Smart City Modelling

  • LiDAR

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • Photogrammetry

  • Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

Compatible Software

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With a remarkable presence of over 2,000 installed monitor systems and a comprehensive suite of over 200 compatible 3D-Stereo software applications, the 3D PluraView stands as the market leader and established reference for 3D visualization in professional Geospatial application areas.

 Explore the vast capabilities of the 3D PluraView in conjunction with Geospatial software applications. Our monitors excel in graphics-intensive fields, including 3D City Modeling, GIS, BIM, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, LiDAR 3D-point cloud editing, oil and gas exploration, geology, hydrology and hydraulic engineering, meteorology, weather modeling, geodata processing, data analytics and reporting, geo-CAD applications, geo-planning, land survey, cartography & data visualization, navigation & telematics, and more.

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