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Sports & Life Sciences

In the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of athletic performance, our motion capture systems offer the most complete and accurate reference data currently possible.

Our systems allow analysts to instantly review the techniques of athletes in 3D, recording the motion from all angles simultaneously and playing back at super slow speeds. The accuracy of the tracking is so precise that exact measurements of joint angles and limb positions can be made to the millimeter, allowing coaches to compare the performance changes induced by even the most subtle variations in technique.



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  • Biomechanical Analysis: Motion capture helps in analyzing an athlete's body movements to assess their biomechanics, including joint angles, range of motion, and force exertion during specific movements such as running, jumping, or throwing. This information is crucial for optimizing technique and preventing injuries.

  • Performance Enhancement: Coaches and trainers use motion capture data to identify areas for improvement in an athlete's performance. This can include optimizing stride length and frequency, improving throwing or kicking technique, or refining body positioning for better results in various sports.

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Motion capture can detect irregularities in an athlete's movement patterns that may lead to injuries. It is also used in rehabilitation programs to monitor an athlete's progress and ensure they are regaining their full range of motion and strength after an injury.

  • Skill Assessment and Feedback: Athletes can receive immediate feedback on their movements, allowing them to make real-time adjustments during training sessions. This feedback can help them refine their skills and technique.

  • Research and Development: Sports equipment manufacturers and researchers use motion capture to study the performance of their products. This can lead to innovations in sports gear, such as advanced running shoes, golf clubs, or tennis rackets.

  • Sports Biomechanics Education: Motion capture technology is used in educational institutions to teach sports biomechanics and movement analysis to future sports scientists, coaches, and analysts.

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The reading Rockets: Pioneering the future of sports with motion capture

In a groundbreaking case study, we collaborated with the Berkshire-based wheelchair basketball team "The Rockets," utilizing advanced biomechanical data analysis to revolutionize athletic performance. By analyzing player movements and wheelchair dynamics through high-tech motion capture systems, including Noitom Perception Neuron suits and OptiTrack Prime17 cameras, we gained critical insights.

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Custom Built Systems

We are independent and unbiased consultants who design and deliver custom systems built to match your requirements.

In order to do this, we have developed close ties with leading industry suppliers to give us a range of options to develop a solution that works best for you and your budget.


Theia3D is a simple yet powerful markerless motion capture solution that focuses on accuracy and ease of use for research, sport, and clinical applications.

  • Quick Setup

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Highly Accurate

  • Versatile Applications


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Try before you buy

Discover our state-of-the-art motion capture laboratory, conveniently located in the heart of London. It provides you with the exclusive opportunity to test equipment before making a purchase.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and post-sale technical support to ensure you maximize the potential of your system.

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