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Who it is for 

The Advanced Media Production studios and capabilities are open to businesses and organisations of all sizes including universities and skills providers, digital agencies, filmmakers, games developers and production studios.

The facilities are also open to individuals who wish to explore, research and share projects, by accessing the unique combination of technologies and leading-edge expertise in virtual production, 3D technology, motion capture, photogrammetry, compute, 5G private networks, and XR equipment.

The Advanced Media Production (AMP) network, developed by Digital Catapult and Target3D and funded by Innovate UK, represents the UK’s first networked Advanced Media Production studios.

The network, formed by studios at PROTO in Gateshead and Dock Street in London, is at the forefront of UK innovation and will lead the way in how convergent technologies and virtual environments transform media production, creating new workflows and production tooling. The Advanced Media Production network exists to harness the power of technology and creativity to entertain, inform, and inspire audiences while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in storytelling and visual communication.

The UK’s first network of Advanced Media Production studios and capabilities.

The Advanced Media Production network offers a wide range of benefits for creators:

  • Enabling creativity: Advanced Media Production tools provide creators with increased flexibility and control over their artistic vision. It allows them to experiment with new techniques, styles, and formats, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

  • Improved quality: Advanced Media Production technologies enable the creation of high-quality media content. From higher resolution video and audio to sophisticated visual effects and post-production, advanced tools help deliver polished and professional-grade media.

  • Real-time collaboration: Advanced Media Production tools facilitate working together in real-time, enabling teams to work seamlessly across multiple locations through the high-speed network connection. This collaborative approach enhances creativity and efficiency in media production. 


  • Efficiency and sustainability: Advanced Media Production tools streamline the production process, allowing for greater efficiency, flexibility and faster turnaround times, enhancing productivity and reducing production costs. 

  • R&D and skills development: Advanced Media Production capabilities foster skills development and create employment opportunities through advanced training and development. By leveraging cutting-edge media technologies and techniques, creators can boost creative possibilities, advancing content and showcasing new talent.

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