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Manus is the industry’s leading immersive technology developer. Bring your hands to Virtual Reality with the Manus VR Gloves. Target3D, the home of motion capture, is an official European distributor for Manus VR.


The Glove
Through years of perfecting the ultimate glove design, the Manus Glove feels like a second skin, weighing only 64 grams.

The Wireless Dongle
Truly Immersive experiences should not be hampered by wires. That is why the Prime gloves are completely wireless, have a latency of 5 ms and a range of up to 30 meters. You don’t need to worry about licenses, just plug in your wireless dongle and everything is set up.

Long Battery Life
Each glove is powered by Varta’s state of the art power cells, lasting up to 5 hours of extensive use. With the High Performance IMU this is reduced to 3 hours.

Haptic Feedback 

Each individual finger has a linear resonant actuator, giving a unique signal depending on the type of material and how much virtual force is applied. Haptic feedback is fully customizable in the user interface, with an integrated material editor and adjustable signal strength, frequency and resonance.

Full Finger Tracking
We use industrial bend sensors, reinforced by a lightweight protective layer of anti-static proprietary polymer to guarantee no sensor deterioration over time. Ideal sensor structure greatly reduces buckling and torque on individual sensors, significantly improving performance and lifespan. The bend sensors measure 2 segments per finger without drifting. They are completely magnetic immune.


Apollo 2020
Apollo 2020 is our easy-to-use software to configure your gloves. You can easily calibrate your gloves to your hands. The interface provides you with a stunning visualisation of your digital hands.

Hermes SDK
The Hermes SDK allows you to effortlessly implement the functionality of our gloves in your own software. Access all data, communicate directly and set up your own custom glove data pipeline. The SDK is compatible with C, C++ and C#.

Unity plugin for Apollo 2020
Use your gloves directly in Unity with our interaction framework, directly integrated into VRTK. You’ll be able to get started in minutes.

Unreal plugin for Apollo 2020
Use the gloves directly in Unreal. Access all glove data through blueprints or C++, and start building your application today.

Browse Manus VR products in our shop or call us and we'll talk you through the possibilities.

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