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Manus Polygon
  • Manus Polygon

    Full-body in Virtual Reality: Manus Polygon is a full-body VR solution, suitable for a variety of applications, including VR experiences, training and simulation, and VR collaboration. Enhanced by the Manus gloves, the users’ experience is more immersive than ever before.


    Launching June 2020, the Polygon comes with multi-user collaboration possibilities, either locally or by an existing network. This includes networked object tracking and an interaction framework for multiple users.


    The IK-system
    Manus Polygon contains an IK-system that translates the data from 5 individual Vive trackers into natural full-body movement. Together with finger tracking and haptic feedback provided by our gloves, this comprehensive solution will enable a truly immersive VR experience. The Polygon IK-system can be used as a standalone solution for full-body implementation.


    One of the key attributes of Polygon is enabling the user to self-calibrate. The calibration process is designed to maximize the ease-of-use, allowing the user to operate everything solely. During the calibration, each individual Vive tracker is assigned accordingly.

    Polygon will offer users the opportunity to work together in the same VR space, either locally or networked. Enabling multiplayer object tracking and providing an existing interaction framework for simultaneous use. All users will be able to interact with the same objects, while object tracking is shared continuously. 

    Polygon will be compatible with Unity on launch. The Polygon IK-system will be compatible with HTC Vive hardware and any Steam VR headset. Polygon uses Vive trackers to capture 5 data-points, excluding the VR headset. These tracking points are translated to real-time body animation.



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