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HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack

HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack

With SteamVR™ Tracking 2.0 technology and VIVE Trackers, HTC VIVE delivers a simple yet accurate camera tracking solution optimized for virtual production.


Real-time in no time

  • Since no installation is required, VIVE Mars reduces how long it takes to set up for real-time virtual production from hours to minutes.


Optimized for virtual production Professional-grade features

  • Genlock, Timecode sync, and robust connections — all essential to reduce latency.


The Power of Multitracking

  • No production is the same. Use up to three Rovers to track cameras, lights, or props.* Create a setup that works best for you.

‍*Requires 3 included Rover modules and 3 trackers supported by SteamVR™ Tracking BS2.0. Kit includes 2 VIVE Trackers (3.0). Additional supported VIVE Tracker unit sold separately.


On-the-go virtual production studio

  • Let talent step into new virtual backgrounds in real-time — wherever you need.

  • Included in the box

    X 1 Calibration kit

    X 2 Documentation

    X 1 Quick start guide

    X 1 Safety guide

    X 1 Warranty certificate

    X 2 SteamVR Base Station 2.0

    X 1 Channel changing pin (for base station)

    X 2 VIVE Tracker (3.0)

    X 1 Mars

    X 1 Power cord for Mars

    X 1 AC adapter for Mars

    X 3 USB cable (VIVE Tracker (3.0) to Rover)

    X 3 15-m LAN cable (Mars to Rover)

    X 1 5-m LAN cable (Mars to router)

    X 1 Screw for calibration board

    X 2 AC adapter for base station

    X 3 Rover

  • Tech Specs


    196 x 134 x 65 mm

    1.4 KG

    7” LCD touch screen

    BNC for Genlock
    3.5mm audio jack for Timecode
    3x RJ45 PoE port for Rovers (up to 3 Rovers supported)

    Unreal Live Link / FreeD

    Encoder Support
    LOLED Indiemark 2

    Rover Specs

    95 x 65 x 48 mm

    309 g

    VIVE Inside-out Tracking, up to 10x10m (32 ft 10 in x 32 ft 10 in) play space using four Base Station 2.0. The included two base stations support up to 5m x 5m (16 ft 40 in x 16 ft 40 in).

    USB for VIVE Tracker
    3x USB for external lens encoders

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