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OptiTrack SlimX 120
  • OptiTrack SlimX 120

    Maximum Accuracy. Longest Range. Highest Resolution. When your application requires our class-leading 3D motion measurement precision in a very large volume, while remaining nearly invisible to casual onlookers, nothing compares with the accuracy and reliability of the SlimX 120.



    • Long Range Performance. The PrimeX and SlimX cameras offer OptiTrack's longest camera-to-marker range for Passive and Active markers.


    • Small footprint, lightweight. The SlimX 120’s shallow profile, light weight and invisible IR illumination are perfect for applications which require a discreet tracking system such as location-based virtual reality and cinematic virtual production .


    • Our highest-resolution cameras enable users to track smaller markers that are both closer to each other, and farther away from the cameras.


    • SlimX equals precision. SlimX cameras are designed and manufactured in-house at OptiTrack’s headquarters in Oregon to ensure our exacting quality standards are met.


    • Mix and match cameras. Systems can pair SlimX 120 cameras with any other PrimeX or Prime Color camera


    • High frame rate capture. The SlimX 120's 300 FPS capture rate and image stopping global shutter can be used when your application requires Prime Series precision for movement speeds above 150mph.


    • “Fast glass” lens. We custom design our own super low distortion, “fast glass” lenses for optimal marker tracking.



    Image Processing Types




    Raw Grayscale

    MJPEG Grayscale




    GigE/PoE data port

    Ethernet camera sync

    PoE+ power


    Lens & Filter


    Adjustable focus

    Adjustable F-stop

    (Optional) Filter Switcher


    Stock Lens

    24 mm F#2.5

    51° horizontal FOV

    39° vertical FOV


    Optional Lens

    18 mm F#2.5

    65° horizontal FOV

    51° vertical FOV


    Camera Body


    Sculpted from aluminum and polycarbonate

    3/8"-16 Tripod Mount, 1/4"-20 with adapter (×2)

    3 digit numeric LEDs status indicators

    Single LED health and activity indicator


    Compatible Software



    Camera SDK

    NatNet SDK

    • Tech Specs

      SlimX 120 Dimensions

      Width: 4.49 inches (11.40 cm)

      Depth: 6.07 inches (15.44 cm)

      Height: 4.49 inches (11.40 cm)

      Weight: 2.8 pounds (1.26 kg)


      Image Sensor

      4096 × 3072 Resolution

      300 Hz Native Frame Rate

      3.33 ms Latency


      Tracking Performance & Range

      3D Accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm

      Passive Markers: Not passive capable

      Active Markers: 91 m (300')


      Global Shutter Speed

      Default Speed: 0.25 ms

      Minimum Speed: 0.01 ms

      Maximum Speed: 3.13 ms at 300 fps

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