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StretchSense Pro Studio Gloves
  • StretchSense Pro Studio Gloves

    More Integrations. Endless Freedom.


    Affordable excellence that integrates into your pipeline

    The Pro Studio glove captures natural and lifelike finger movements, allowing for realistic and expressive motion capture. Designed for all-day, action-packed shoots on large stages, this technology can be pushed to the limit and thrown in the washing machine, ready for tomorrow.


    Capture realistic and expressive hand movement

    With 16 sensors the Pro Studio glove provides realistic and expressive hand capture so you can captivate audiences with characters that feel authentic.


    Shock proof sensors - perfect for action packed shoots

    StretchSense gloves were designed with the most demanding mocap stages in mind. Shock proof sensors, an all-day battery life and wireless range you can trust on a big stage.


    Integrates seamlessly into your pipeline

    Integrations with Optitrack, Xsens, Vicon Shogan Post, Unreal, Unity, Maya, VMC, and MotionBuilder, as well as timecode and FBX export for Qualisys.



    • Performer setup in under a minute
    • Robust and durable (machine washable)
    • 12 hour battery life
    • 50ft+ wireless range
    • Free and comfortable movement
    • Capture up to six performers at once
    • No occlusion or drift
    • Consistent data
    • Smooth FCurves
    • Tech Specs

      Glove style: Fingertips exposed for real world touch

      Sensors: 16 sensors

      Connectivity: 50ft/15m+ wireless

      Data back-up: Not available

      Machine washable: Cold wash after removing electronics module

      Hand Engine version: Hand Engine Pro

      Multi-performer capture enabled: Yes

      Calibration: Rapid pose based calibration, in Hand Engine software

      Advanced pose-based tools: No

      Max frame rate: 60fps

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