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HTC VIVE Wrist Tracker
  • HTC VIVE Wrist Tracker

    This lightweight and versatile VR tracker is designed to work with VIVE Focus 3. Wear it on your wrist for enhanced hand tracking, or attach it to real-world objects to track them in your virtual environment. 


    Advanced accuracy

    • With VIVE Wrist Tracker, the Focus 3 cameras can track from the hand to the elbow to enable better hand-free tracking and natural movement of your avatar's upper body. This is accomplished by integrating a specific IK solver.


    Out-of-sight tracking

    • High-frequency IMU data and an advanced kinematic model can predict the VIVE Wrist Tracker’s motion trajectories even when it's out of the camera’s view for a short period of time.


    Small, light, long lasting

    • VIVE Wrist Tracker is 85% smaller than a VIVE Focus 3 controller, and 50% lighter at just 63g. The device delivers up to four hours of constant use, with an LED indicator to show you the battery status, and is charged via USB-C connector.

    • Included in the box

      X 1 VIVE Wrist Tracker

      X 1 USB Type-C® charging cable

    • Tech Specs


      Tracking: Supports VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE XR Elite
      Status indicator: LED
      Input: Power button, App button, USB Type C Connector
      Charging: USB-C
      Attachment: Watchband size: 22m (+/- 0.2mm)
      Weight: 63g (+/- 5g)
      Dimensions: 87 × 59 × 45 mm (+/- 1mm)
      Auto pairing: Yes
      Battery life: Up to 4hrs**

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