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Haringey Sixth Form College is Equipped for the Future with a Motion Capture Stage and Virtual Production Solution

Updated: Mar 28

Haringey Sixth Form College is a high quality educational facility founded in 2007. The college benefits from a modern campus, with extensive facilities and a comprehensive course list. Among those on offer, the creative media course gives students the analytical, theoretical, and practical skills that form the foundation for a range of careers in the ever-growing media industry.

Haringey Sixth Form College exterior and entrance
Source: Haringey Sixth Form College


When Haringey Sixth Form College approached Target3D they had an existing media studio with a green screen solution and an additional learning space, primarily used as a dance studio. 

The college’s dance studio repurposed would be the ideal setting for a motion capture volume. The generous space not only facilitates freedom of movement but also provides an optimal environment for the installation of advanced motion capture technology.

The college’s media studio was already equipped with a greenscreen, a simple and cost effective solution for film productions requiring background removal. 

Recent years advancements in virtual production has placed a greater emphasis on pre production workflows that incorporate in camera visual effects (ICVFX), and virtual camera systems to display digitally generated environments. To incorporate these new techniques into their curriculum, Haringey Sixth Form College required an advanced solution.

Recognising the potential of these spaces, the college envisioned a redesign to enhance existing course offerings as well as accommodate new ones. These curriculum enhancements would maximise the utilisation of the spaces and equip the college with industry grade facilities.

Keen to stay on the cutting edge, Miss Buraqo Yusuf-Mohamed, Head of Creative Media at Haringey Sixth Form College, contacted Target3D.


Through a process of consultation with Rinade Akinrinade, Business Development Manager at Target3D, the college decided to proceed with a future proofed solution that would be suitable for educational purposes whilst leaving open the possibility of expansion and enhancements.

Haringey Sixth Form College's empty motion capture stage, surrounded by black drapes

Target3D engineers installed a custom railing system upon which ten OptiTrack PrimeX 13W cameras were mounted. This setup was designed to fit around an existing curtain rail. As a result, drapes could still be drawn over the windows to create the optimal lighting conditions.

The OptiTrack PrimeX 13W is capable of highly accurate tracking of both active and passive markers, making it an ideal solution for the college's requirements including the ability to motion capture multiple people simultaneously.  

Target3D staff stand in front of a monitor and PC running OptiTrack's motive software.

Additionally, its compatibility with other cameras in the OptiTrack range gives Haringey Sixth Form College a wide selection of options, should they wish to expand their system in the future.

To improve the virtual production capabilities of the media space, Target3D supplied an HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack System. The Mars CamTrack is an excellent addition, being an easy to use, accurate camera tracking solution for live video compositing with a set-up time of mere minutes. When combined with the greenscreen, performers can be placed into a digital environment that corresponds with the movements of the camera.


The college is now well equipped to explore the future of media production with both motion capture and virtual production capabilities in operation. And it isn’t only the media faculty who will benefit from this investment - the teachings imparted will yield long-term benefits for Haringey Sixth Form college’s alumni and furnish the expanding industry with a workforce that is both highly skilled and readily employable. Students are learning the practical skills to no longer be simply a consumer of media, but a producer.

There is considerable interest in how motion capture technology can be used in other courses the college offers, such as sports, physics and biology. Excitingly, they are also exploring the possibility of commercial shoots for students. 

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