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Creating a Mocap, VP & VFX Lab for Creative Industry Students

Updated: May 19

Southern Regional College is well situated to be equipping the next generation of creatives. Between Game of Thrones, Line of Duty, Linen Mills Studio and all of the studios in Belfast, the whole creative sector is on the up - making it an obvious location for film production. “In Northern Ireland especially, the demand for skill in the creative industries, media and film has really boomed,” explains Chris Hobson, Curriculum Area Manager at Southern Regional College. “I understand around 3.1% of our GVA now comes from the creative industries.”

The College has six campuses - Armagh, Kilkeel, Lurgan, Newry, Portadown and their brand new £15m campus in Banbridge, County Down is now fully set to reflect the local need for media, games and creative computing students and graduates.

The aim

The College sought to create a new state-of-the-art studio, complete with audio rooms and the ability to create live broadcasts. The multi-use space would host a lab with VFX, Virtual Production and VR capabilities and tracking motion capture for two users simultaneously.

The solution

Working with Chris Hobson, Curriculum Area Manager for Creative Design and Computing at Southern Regional College, Target3D provided a full consultancy service - making recommendations, designing the system, proposing a layout in CAD and scheduling visits around the restrictions of the pandemic.

A Prime X 13 mocap system, capable of Virtual Production and camera tracking alongside the more traditional mocap functions, was installed into the new green screen studio.

The result The versatile space, despite its modest 20 x 10m size, now hosts all of the facilities which all of the students on the College’s Level 3 Games, Level 3 Media Production and HND Creative Media Production courses need to gain industry standard experience.

Despite overcoming college closures and travel restrictions to successfully ensure the studio space was installed and fully functional in time for the new academic year, the College is eagerly awaiting the easing of restrictions in order for the Games & Media students to be allowed to return to campus. Reminding us of the importance of being future-proof, industry needs have already shifted since this time last year. Chris Hobson reflects, “Lockdown has shown that students are going to be asked to build virtual studios, for example, in the coming years. So, whether they go straight into C4D to create this or into Realviz, they are going to be asked to be cross- communicational in applications within the creative and 3D phase. Our new studio will help ensure our students are work ready and prepared for every situation and every scenario.”

"It was great to be able to help Southern Regional College bring their studio to fruition, demonstrating how bi-directional communication works really well when delivering a bespoke, fit for purpose solution. The complete system that Chris and the team have put together will hugely enhance the teaching of the new generation of talent in the industry. We look forward to further projects with the College.” Rob Jefferies - Director, Target3D

Target3D is a really insightful company who know, through dialogue, what the client needs and what they need to produce in order to make that vision a reality. It was such a smooth process from start to finish. The lines of communication were brilliant - target ideas, meetings, Zooms - they did just about anything they could to help us get the lab completed during lockdown to a really high standard. The quality of their workmanship was flawless.

Chris Hobson, Curriculum Area Manager, Southern Regional College

Working with the Education sector on mocap and virtual production solutions, including collaboration for funding calls, is a speciality at Target3D. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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