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Schneider Digital


Introducing professional photogrammetric data processing with PULSARON Workstations and 3D PluraView display solutions from Schneider Digital.

  • Professional workstations, tailored to the needs of photogrammetric data processing

  • PULSARON workstations offer highest performance and are easily scalable to also meet future requirements

  • Enjoy carefree working with the 3D PluraView stereo-display

  • 3D PluraView stereo technology is well integrated in Agisoft Metashape Pro

  • Stealth 3D mouse for full Z-cursor control

With the PluraView stereo monitors, Schneider Digital is the global leader for stereoscopic 3D-monitor solutions. 

Not just the established “big names” in photogrammetry, such as ESRI, DAT/EM and Hexagon and their clients work with Schneider Digital PluraView monitors. Also Agisoft cooperates with Schneider Digital as a development partner for implementing ‘real-3D’ stereoscopic features in Metashape Professional.

Through partnering with Schneider Digital, Target3D support the 3D feature development and implementation in Agisoft Metashape Pro. 

Target3D offers all hardware and software components individually, or combined into an entire, fully functional workflow chain, including training. Our workflow solutions start with flight planning (UgCS – Universal Ground Control Software), continue with the exact GNSS-image center determination of every single photo (KLAUPPK-systems and software), and post-flight cover everything you need for robust and reproducible photogrammetric data processing in Agisoft  Metashape Pro, using a PULSARON Workstation and the 3D PluraView Stereo Display.  We offer the solutions for convenient and efficient stereoscopic editing and measurements including training and coaching in one package – our experience included.

Read more about the 3D PluraView in our shop, download the brochures or call us and we'll talk you through the possibilities.

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