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T3D Tracking Technology Enables Competitive Socialising at Clays Bar

Updated: Feb 16

Competitive socialising spaces are on the rise. The boom, which started in London before rippling out nationwide, has revolutionised social drinking to include competitive group sports including clay target shooting, darts, crazy golf and shuffleboard.

Little over a year ago, Clays Bar was new on the scene. Now having opened their second venue, we look at how technology enabled the brand to create an amazing experience.

Clays is a clever mix of interactive clay target shooting with cocktails and more than a touch of glamour. In 2021 Target3D worked with the Clays team to create the solution for tracking their decommissioned guns used in the game as they opened for the first time in London’s City at 55 Moorgate. Since then, Clays has welcomed over 150,000 guests.

Thanks to the integrated data, the Clays team gained a useful insight into behaviours and the technology that drives it. Ahead of launching their second space, they’ve been able to adapt and enhance the gaming experience, keeping the gamification and adding to the authenticity. Some games have been tweaked - giving a set number of bullets for certain games to replicate a clay target shooting experience and to mitigate spray gunning as examples.

Target3D has continued as the technology partner for Clays, providing consultancy, training and support - in addition to designing and installing the tracking system for their second site in London’s Canary Wharf. A custom-built truss hosts 40 Optitrack Flex13 cameras which track the motion of the 12 embedded markers in each of the guns. The eight shooting ‘pegs’ are home to Epson projectors and custom PC's.

It is this technology that enables the whole Clays experience and creates authenticity in the game play for their guests. The wind speed can even be adjusted to adapt to the seasons!

It’s no accident that 47% of guests through the doors of Clays Bar are females. The design of both spaces is purposely stylish and welcoming. Faux foliage, warm wooden interiors, pink marble bar tops and Insta-perfect bathrooms are as carefully curated as their cocktail and food menus. It’s said that millennials are the ‘experience economy’ and Clays’ audience profile of 25-34 year olds echoes this.

A global brand, Clays has big growth plans including regional and international expansion. Clays technology will always be the enabler for the brand.

“As we continue to expand and grow our brand, our relationship with Target3D remains a critical part of our business. In a way, we are joined up rather than separate. The experience our guests enjoy - the target shooting , the competitiveness - is enabled by their technology . We are excited about what the future will bring to our partnership.” Tom Snellock, CEO and Founder of Clays

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