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driveBAY and trakSTAR
  • driveBAY and trakSTAR

    As part of the 3D Guidance® product suite, the driveBAY™ and trakSTAR™ electromagnetic (EM) tracking systems deliver exceptional performance and value.

    Both provide highly accurate, unobstructed 6DOF (six-degrees-of-freedom) tracking of reusable sensors embedded into surgical tools, probes, and needles. Both systems can simultaneously track up to four EM tools and support interchangeable sensor sizes.

    • Dynamic 6DOF tracking of sensor position and orientation
    • No line of sight needed between sensors and transmitter
    • Miniaturized reusable passive sensors as small as 0.56 mm-diameter
    • High metal immunity with no distortion from nonmagnetic materials
    • Two transmitter designs to support optimally sized tracking volumes

    Ready-to-use configuration supports easy and cost-effective integration into simulators and trainers. The tracking volume, measurement rate, sensors and software interface can also be adapted to your unique system requirements, including:

    • Biopsy Needle Guidance
    • Oncology
    • Arthroscopic Surgery
    • Laparoscopic Surgery
    • GI Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy
    • Lumbar Puncture and Epidural


    The 3D Guidance product suite utilizes three main components consisting of the electronics unit, sensors, and transmitter. Together they allow for the most subtle of tool movements to be instantly tracked and visualized within the simulation or training interface.

    Electronics Unit:
    A preamplifier embedded inside the electronics unit amplifies and digitizes the signal (current) relayed from the sensor coil. The electronics unit calculates the sensor position and orientation data and communicates this data to the host computer.
    The sensor consists of a small coil in which a small signal is induced when the sensor enters the EM field.
    The transmitter emits a low-intensity, time-varying EM field that establishes the measurement volume in combination with the sensor. Low latency and fast update rates allow sensor position and orientation data to integrate instantly and seamlessly within medical imaging software.


    The 3D Guidance system is available in driveBAY or trakSTAR configurations. Both share the same accuracy, reliability,and versatility. The trakSTAR is a desktop unit that connects directly into a main power source, while the smaller
    driveBAY fits inside the drive bay of a computer or imaging cart. The ready-to-use configuration supports easy and cost-effective integration into OEM medical imaging systems. Both provide the same accurate, unobstructed tracking
    of reusable (non-disposable) 6DOF sensors: up to four sensors can be tracked at once.


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