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Move Ai
  • Move Ai

    Move Ai platform extracts natural human motion from video using advanced AI, Computer Vision, Biomechanics and Physics, automatically retargeting the data to the character rig.

    This is the future of Motion Capture. The platform removes the need for traditional Motion Capture suits which can be restrictive and uncomfortable, resulting in sensor drift, interference and extensive data clean up.


    - Use 4-8 off-the shelf cameras

    - Shoot indoors & outdoors

    - Capture multiple people

     - Track objects


    From conception to production in 3 simple steps.


    01: CAPTURE
    The platform supports camera inputs ranging from action cameras (e.g. GoPro) to existing Motion Capture installs (e.g. OptiTrack).

    A standard capture volume of up to 10m x 10m is created using  4-8 cameras allowing up to 5 people to perform - tracking both their movement and that of objects they interact with. Larger capture volumes are available on request.

    02: CONVERT
    Streamline your workflow. From your desktop batch upload performance takes and assign them to your own character rigs. Process your takes in parallel - delivering your production level retargeted Motion Capture data.


    03: CREATE
    Download the results into your animation software or render engine of choice. Your output files are compatible with Maya, MotionBuilder, Unreal, Unity, Blender and more.

    • Tech Specs


      • Cloud-based platform
      • Concurrent processing
      • Min fps for input videos
      • Automatic retargeting
      • Automatic calibration
      • Full body dynamics solver
      • Foot solver
      • Store & retrieve actors' profiles
      • Rendered animation visualisation clip
      • Multi-rig retargeting
      • High fidelity finger tracking
      • Real world xyz coordinates
      • Accurately captures elevation (steps, chair, ladder)

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