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OptiTrack Prime x 22
  • OptiTrack Prime x 22

    The OptiTrack Prime x 22 is the perfect blend of range, speed, and FOV. Edge-to-edge coverage across any capture area while delivering stunning camera-to-marker range and 3D accuracy.Primex equals precision. In-house designed low distortion lenses and true 10-bit grayscale depth reduces quantization noise and improves precision—resulting in perfectly crisp and beautiful images, better centroids and better 3D accuracy.


    Image Processing Types
    Raw Grayscale
    MJPEG Grayscale


    LED Ring

    20 LEDs

    Ultra High Power

    850 nm infrared

    Strobe mode

    Intensity control


    GigE data port
    Ethernet camera sync
    PoE or PoE+1 power


    Lens & Filter

    Adjustable focus
    Adjustable F-stop
    850 nm band-pass filter
    6.8 mm F#1.6

    Horizontal FOV: 79°

    Vertical FOV: 49°


    Camera Body

    Sculpted from aluminium and polycarbonate

    1/4"-20 tripod thread (x2)

    2 digit numeric LEDs status indicators

    Full-color LED health and activity indicator


    Compatible Software

    Camera SDK

    NatNet SDK

    • Tech Specs

      Prime x 22 Dimensions
      Width: 4.96 inches (12.6 cm)
      Height: 4.96 inches (12.6 cm)
      Depth: 4.19 inches (10.7 cm)
      Weight: 2.77 pounds (1.26 kg)


      Image Sensor
      Resolution: 2048 × 1088
      Native Frame Rate: 360 Hz
      Latency: 2.8 ms
      Shutter Type: global


      Tracking Performance & Range

      3D accuracy: +/- 0.15 mm

      Active markers: 30 m (100')

      Passive Markers: 21 m (70')


      Global Shutter Speed

      Default: 0.25 ms

      Minimum: 0.01 ms

      Maximum: 2.5 ms at 360 fps


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