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Perception Neuron 3
  • Perception Neuron 3

    The world's smallest motion capture system is finally here

    The Perception Neuron 3 is the world's smallest IMU sensor-based, full-body motion capture system. PN3 makes it possible to record motion data anywhere without any space, lighting and environmental constraints.

    Perception Neuron 3 is completely wireless and can be used in any condition both indoors or out, without occlusion, cameras or line-of-site restrictions. With a new algorithm, new software, and new API, Perception Neuron 3 offers a robust solution for indie and professional filmmakers, animators, researchers, stage performers, and educators.


    • World's smallest motion capture system
    • Completely wireless
    • 5 hours of battery
    • 3 users on the same computer
    • Add on gloves [3 fingers per hand] 
    • Free software and data forwarding
    • Introducing data processing
    • Perception Neuron 3 body kit [add on]
    • Perception Neuron 3 gloves [add on]
    • Uses Axis Studio software [a dongle is included in each kit]


    Download brochure here

    • Tech Specs

      Sensor Size:                        28mm x 16mm x 11mm
      Sensor Weight:                  4 g
      Accelerometer Range:    ±8 g
      Gyroscope Range:            ±2000 dps
      Resolution:                          0.02 deg
      Power:                                   Battery
      Battery Time:                      5 hrs
      Battery Capacity                42 mAh
      Battery Charge time:        1 hr
      Working Voltage:               3.7 V
      Time Delay                          < 20 ms
      Waterproof Grade:            IP66
      Working Voltage:               3.7 V
      Working Temperature:    -5° C - 40° C

      Data calculation frame rate: 600 Hz

      SDK:                   C/C++ API and plugin for Unity3D® and Unreal®.
      Software:           Included with all kits AXIS Studio software.
      OS:                      Windows 10 and later.
      Data Format:   .bvh to MotionBuilder®, 3DsMax, and .calc export.
                                  Export to .fbx for Maya®, Blender®, etc...
      Real-time out:  Yes
      Accessories:      Full body strap, USB receiver

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