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Ascension makes 3D tracking devices for medical guidance, minimally invasive surgery, real-time visualization, and target acquisition. Their position and orientation tracking devices navigate, localize, and guide medical instruments for image-guided procedures. Target3D, the home of motion capture, is the UK's official distributor for Ascension.

Their latest design, the Ascension 3D Guidance trakSTAR, is an expandable desktop model. Designed for real-time visualisation applications in which fast tracking of unobtrusive sensors is important.

Feature list

  • Fast, 3D tracking

  • Small, lightweight 6DOF sensors for unobtrusive tracking and instrument tip guidance.

  • Multiple magnetic field transmitters (generators) for extended tracking ranges.

  • Immunity from most conductive metal distorters of accuracy.

  • All attitude: no inertial drift or optical occlusions.

  • Expandable: track from 1 to16 6DOF sensors simultaneously.

Browse the Ascension products in our shop or call us and we'll talk you through the possibilities.

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