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Creating The First Mocap Tuba Player

Updated: Feb 16

"This is my first experience with motion capture, it's amazing to see myself in digital reality." Theon Cross, British Tuba player and composer

Theon had been used to seeing people like Andy Serkis shooting with mocap and was expecting complex, elaborate equipment so it came as a nice surprise when Target3D showed him he only needed a Noitom suit and gloves for his mocap debut.

This simple kit enabled the shoot to happen with a limited budget, within a limited time frame, but the biggest constraint with any inertial suit is their tendency to suffer from magnetic interference - something that becomes amplified when capturing an instrument that's entirely metal! Target3D mocap wizards Petros and Sam overcame this by completing lots of re-calibrations during the recent shoot at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

As a digital avatar, Theon attended the SXSW music festival this month where he was listed as one of the best 15 acts by The New York Times .

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first motion capture tuba player (we think!)...

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