Daae/Nordahl: The Viral Dance uses mocap & animation

Updated: Feb 25

The Viral Dance “It went viral.” The words every artist, advertiser or influencer wants to hear. But what does it take to ‘go viral’? It’s generally considered a mystery. 

Through a curated exhibition, a viral experiment and a dance show, the dancing and filmmaking duo DAAE/NORDAHL explored the concepts of connectivity and sharing, and what it means to be human today.

Filmmaker Joanna Nordahl’s aim was to explore 'the digital self' and how we portray ourselves online so the lines between real and 'digital' were joined - specifically with them dancing along with their digital selves.

The issue:   The human brain is wired to detect very subtle cues in facial patterns. The problem filmmakers can run into when trying to make realistic human animations is that even minor errors can led the viewer to to be uncomfortable with the animation - associating the problem with a physical defect, illness or death. That phenomenon is usually called the uncanny valley.