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Algorithm: Creating music video using Noitom mocap suit

Updated: Feb 16

"So, this bad boy has just arrived. I don't really have a clue where to start. There's all my sensors and my straps... making music videos used to be easy." The ‘bad boy’ in question is the Noitom Perception Neuron Studio mocap suit. The voice is that of Bressie, lead singer of The Blizzards.

The issue The planned music video shoot for Pound the Pavement, a song by Irish band The Blizzards, was cancelled after the country went into lockdown. Algorithm, the creative production studio based in Dublin, took up the challenge of creating a music video based on people using technology to connect while in isolation.

The solution London-based Target3D shipped a Noitom Perception Neuron Studio (PN Studio) motion capture suit to Dublin and facilitated next-day remote assistance.

Less than a week later, each performer wore the mocap suit whilst playing and singing - one at a time, in their own living room - as the PN Studio captured their movements. The Algorithm Creative team exported the data into Cinema4D to retarget and bake the files before the animation and renders were completed in Notch. The band played drums, bass, and guitar which was a great display of how the PN Studio suit is able to handle heavy, metal equipment. Previous versions of these suits had magnetic protective shielding, but they wouldn’t have been able to handle these electric instruments, so it was great to see the band handle such heavy equipment without seeing the digital skeleton drift in the software.

The Pound the Pavement video is about people using technology to connect while in isolation. At some stage everyone has felt as if they’re on the inside looking out over the past few weeks.

Algorithm:“We wanted people to know that they’re not alone. We can still create beautiful & memorable moments by working together, even remotely. All of the data for the video was recorded in our separate homes and all the animation was made by our team in isolation. A healthy challenge!”

The result The team captured performances by the dancer and musicians with animations that were extremely expressive and displayed incredibly realistic movements, all in a lightning quick timeframe. Watch and listen... and then maybe watch again.

For mocap products - including the Noitom Perception Neuron Studio - and install, training and support, speak to Target3D, the Home of Motion Capture.



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